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    Ear Mites

    Thank you JBun. I was hoping you were still around. I am planning on contacting my vets but wanted to be able to quadruple check the dosage myself.
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    Ear Mites

    It has been a long time. I have a rabbit with ear mites. In the past with other rabbits I have treated with ivermectin but this time I would like to treat with Revolution due to a wrist injury. Giving oral meds 3 times to a large and rambunctious rabbit may be next to impossible 😄 I was hoping...
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    small cut on paw

    I have had it happen a few times with my buns. One did it himself digging in his cardboard box. All of them have healed fine on their own. I would just pay a little more attention to her just in the very off chance she would get an infection.
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    Neutering, timothy hay allergies, and other questions from a new rabbit owner

    Since you have plenty of good answers on the other questions I will just make suggestions on toys. I have five buns, a mix of male and female and only have one bun that has ever played with a toy. He loves his plastic slinky although I would only have one for a bigger sized bun as I have heard...
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    Sick or something else?

    One of my buns stopped eating his pellets and was only eating his hay when he usually prefers pellets over the hay. I took him to the vets and it turned out he had a tooth root abscess. He would eat the pellets if I added some warm water and let it sit for a little while.
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    What's your bunny's name?

    Mine (not on purpose but turned out that way somehow) are all named after tv or movie characters. Thumper, because we were really struggling with a name and hubby said just name him Thumper because he looks like him and has his personality. Laverne and Shirley, their coloring and personalities...
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    Spoiled Bunny throws a fit.

    I have 5 rabbits that all have their own space in a room. They all get time out of their cages every day but have to be caged when it is not their play time. All of my rabbits are fine at being caged because they are used to it. In fact if one is out and something frightens them they run into...
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    Vacuum suggestions

    I have two vacuums. A Kirby and a smaller shop vac. The Kirby isn't so good with the longer pieces of hay so I just use my shop vac, plus I have 5 buns that each have their own space in one room and the shop vac is easy to pick up to take inside of their x-pens. Now the hose will clog due to hay...
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    Ear Mites

    The nightmare continues! :) So I went shopping a day early just to pick up the ivermectin at Tractor Supply after looking online. The area of mites isn't large and Stuart is acting fine but I still prefer to treat as soon as possible with all of the issues he has dealt with in the past months...
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    Pellets are soft

    Too much sugar in their diet (typically from fruits) can cause GI issues so yes you want to be very careful with those as treats and really limit the amount. You also need to be cautious about any new foods. Only a tiny amount at first and only one new food a week so if your bun reacts to a...
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    Type of breed for a companion bunny?

    I have never heard of the same breed pair bonding better than a pair of two separate breeds. I believe it's more on how their personalities mesh. I do wonder now that you brought it up. My larger breed buns are more laid back and mellow
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    What should a rabbit hutch have?

    I would make sure they have an area where they can completely get out of the weather such as rain and wind. Also plan for the heat of summer. I way to hand a tarp above it to provide shade, frozen plastic water bottles, etc. If part of the hutch has wire flooring other than the lower part...
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    How far away the vet should be?

    I had one of my buns develop a tooth root abscess so had to take him to the vet. The one I found is about 40 min from me. has exotic training and I have seen one other rabbit at the office and from what I was told they see them not too infrequently. Although I do question his ability due to him...
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    Ear Mites

    Thank you so much for all of your help. I can't tell you how much it means to me!!! I think I will try the ivermectin. I can run out tomorrow to get it as I'd like to start it as soon as possible. Not sure where to find a syringe with removable needle. So far no luck searching online for...
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    Ear Mites

    I am so confused!!! and in tears at this point. the vets don't carry revolution but I can order through their online pharmacy. I weighed Stuart in both kg and lbs. He is 3.04kg (6.69lbs) Which should mean he needs 54.72mg of Revolution I did see that the puppy/kitten revolution comes in...