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  1. Paddy Ohara

    Flemish giants

    My Flemish was amazing. I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. I wanted to train her for Pet Therapy and she exceeded my expectations. When she was young, prior to getting spayed she was a bit destructive but it stopped as soon as she decided she didn't need to find a mate. She was...
  2. Paddy Ohara

    Senior Bunny with Cancer:(

    She doesn't have the common type. I can't find much on in, at least not in live case studies. I did get the reports from the vet and the pathologist, I was just wanting to do more research. She is doing okay. I started her on some pain medication yesterday before we actually got the results...
  3. Paddy Ohara

    Senior Bunny with Cancer:(

    My Flemish giant has been diagnosed with Leiomyosarcomas. Has anyone else experienced this type of cancer because it isn't as common as some of the others that rabbits usually get.
  4. Paddy Ohara

    Color Question

    I do not have a photo. I had a friend ask me since I am a huge rabbit fan. The rabbit in question was a small dwarf white rabbit with light grey ears. I have never heard of Sparkle as a color, it sounds fun...
  5. Paddy Ohara

    Color Question

    Is there a color of rabbit called Sparkle?
  6. Paddy Ohara

    Gas/ Bloat

    I am so grateful for this forum! My FGR was so sick last night. I found everything I needed under the heathy rabbit section to get her over this. I'm so happy to have the sass back in the rabbit. So is she I just got my own face bath.
  7. Paddy Ohara

    What did your buns get for Christmas?

    an alphabet wooden puzzle so far it is boring...not as fun as the alphabet blocks from her birthday
  8. Paddy Ohara

    BunnyRabbitToys Giveaway!

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  9. Paddy Ohara

    Everyone's Bunnies!!! Fun!!!

    Paddy O'Hara my sweet Flemish giant Sent from my SPH-D710 using Rabbit Forum mobile app
  10. Paddy Ohara

    I got a new bunny!!! And I need help!

    I spoil mine by face rubs she just loves to be pet anywhere but the face is her favorite. She also loves pumpkin so she gets the mini ones this time of year. Sent from my SPH-D710 using Rabbit Forum mobile app
  11. Paddy Ohara


    Cute! I like the pose Sent from my SPH-D710 using Rabbit Forum mobile app
  12. Paddy Ohara

    Bucks or does?

    My doe is very sweet. I have never had any other rabbit groom me before her Sent from my SPH-D710 using Rabbit Forum mobile app
  13. Paddy Ohara

    Ripley is being a bad bunny.

    Perhaps being bunny of the month has given him an ego?
  14. Paddy Ohara

    poops in the house

    I have a similar problem with my living room area. I intially thought that she marked with poos because we spent so much time in there with her and also the dog. We do not have our dog anymore (going on 8 months). Now I just wonder if it is because that is the way we enter and exit the house...
  15. Paddy Ohara

    RabbitsOnline Decal Giveaway!

    Great design there are not enough bunny decals out there!