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    Your Bunny Story: How did you get your bunnies?

    I wish I could say for sure. We have cottontails coming and going in our yard and because they all look alike we don't know. Angel was only the first cottontail rescue. A year later a neighbor lady dropped off a cottontail kit that didn't even have its eyes open, yet. I estimated its age...
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    Your Bunny Story: How did you get your bunnies?

    A cat and a cottontail got me started on rabbits. Our cat caught and injured a tiny cottontail in our yard; it was hardly bigger than my thumb. When I picked it up it let out a terrified scream that reached to the depths of my being. Heartrending. :-( We rehabilitated the little rascal...
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    Question on Flemish Giant bunny

    We made a set of steps that allow our rabbits to come up to chair level with us. That way we don't need to pick them up. As a trial run we glued a couple of cardboard boxes together. It worked so well I made permanent steps out of some scrap plywood and tempered hardboard. Underneath, I...
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    Two level cage ?

    We have two NIC cube "apartments" and each one has a "balcony" like the one shown. The buns love them. We now use 13-inch wide strips of cardboard for the floors of the upper levels. When they get chewed or soiled, it is easy and inexpensive to replace them. Zip ties make dandy hinges for...
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    Rabbits freak out every time I try to hold them!

    None of our rabbits like to be picked up; furthermore, they read all the signs, perfectly, and know when it is nail trimming time. ;-) However, the sooner I can get them into the "football hold" and get their feet supported after picking them up, the sooner they calm down. We use a grooming...
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    What's Your Favorite Rabbit Ever

    Our all-time favorite rabbit was a cottontail that was brought to us while its eyes were still closed. My wife fed it and we both pitched in to give it a good life. That little rascal was lively, smart, playful, friendly and it loved to tease our domestic bunnies. She ruled the roost. Pat...
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    Are cheerios safe for rabbits?

    Our bunnies love Cheerios for treats; however, two or three is the limit. Just keep in mind, give everything in moderation, especially treats.
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    The Life of Having a Herd

    We have six, three bonded pairs. They don't seem to be much trouble, at all; but, at the end of the day when I ask myself "Well, what did I do, today?" I realize most of the time was spent on bunny chores of one kind or another; and, I didn't even realize it. ;) The best part of it is, my...
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    Moulting Rabbits

    We brush our rabbits often when they are moulting. After we get them onto the grooming table they seem to like the grooming; however, getting ahold of them in the first place is a challenge. We brush in the morning before they settle down for the day; but... they have a sixth sense that...
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    Is it a good idea to try and attract wild rabbits?

    We welcome cottontails in our yard and we also have a separate rabbit pasture where our domestics go morning and evening. We've had no cases of RHDV2 in our region, however. If the disease cropped up in our area the cottontails would still be welcome; but, our domestic rabbits would stay...
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    My Dimi has passed, and I am not coping well

    I can empathize. We lost a much loved rabbit eight months ago and it hurts me as much today as it did back then. My spirits hit rock bottom and it seems impossible to forget. I feel your pain.
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    Rabbit playing with curtains and always wanting to get up on table. What’s this about?

    It delights me to see how curious our rabbits are and to watch them explore. They say "Curiosity killed the cat" but, our buns are probably as curious as any cat we've had. Our house buns are not allowed in our living room; but, I left the gate open when I was reading in there, yesterday...
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    Are Oates good for baby rabbits ?

    Our two live-in buns are crazy for plain rolled oats. They greet me as soon as I arise in the morning, knowing they're going to get their daily treat of a pinch of oats, each. It's probably a teaspoon full for the doe who is a wee bit heavy and a tablespoon full for the buck who needs to put...
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    Can rabbits eat dried papaya?

    Our regional cage supplier handles papaya in bulk. I get it from them in 15-pound batches and use it as the main treat for our rabbits. Granted, it is high in sugar; but, the enzymes in it are good for a rabbit's digestive system. The overweight rabbits only get tiny little pieces; the rest...
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    New Bunny Owner

    You are correct, there are all kinds of conflicting information out there. It is confusing. I'll second the Bunny Lady recommendation. Another source for good advice is the House Rabbit Society.