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    2021 Indoor Cages.....add your photo!

    Snowflake’s pen. We change up his hanging toys, these are footballs but now I have some Easter themed ones 🥰
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    safe, waterproof flooring

    Very cool, I wouldn’t want anything permanent just looking to protect my wood floors!
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    safe, waterproof flooring

    This looks awesome, can you just lay them on top of your existing flooring or do you have to permanently install?
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    Too much room for my rabbits?

    Fascinating info thank you for sharing! My bun loves his head, cheeks and chin rubbed other petting he can give or take. But it did take time for him to be trusting and open to that
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    Hiding spots to comfort bunny who startles easily

    First I love the tunnel and hideout you made! Our house is full of noise (loud talkers & 2 kids) so I think it’s just become what’s normal here. I wonder if your bun is so used to quiet that that’s the norm? I like the idea above of maybe introducing some background noise to help with the...
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    Rabbit Cage

    I had originally purchased a large pricey cage with a little pen attached and quickly realized the cage was too small and pen was too low. I found on Amazon exercise pens they are $30-50 come in a variety of heights. I use a washable puppy pad for the bottom.
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    Picture's of your pets.

    Snowflake is 4 mos, we’re slowly introducing greens he is loving them!
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    Where did you adopt your rabbit from?

    Terrible there are so many in such horrible condition, you’re an angel for helping them! The ones I reached out to were advertising specific rabbits looking for homes I think many are opposed to homes with kids. I get it the concern but I had hoped the 2nd time given our experience, reference...
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    Where did you adopt your rabbit from?

    Yes it worked out and we love our bunny he was meant for our family!
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    Litter box grid

    I found this company KW Cages that sells metal grate and a metal litter pan. I didn’t love the litter pan but I was able to buy the grate separate and put it in a dish pan I bought off Amazon. The grates were $10 (I bought 2) and the dish pans (pack of 3) $21 Litter Grate (Medium)...
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    Where did you adopt your rabbit from?

    We have kids so had to buy ours from a farm from a woman that shows rabbits. I reached out to about a dozen rescues, only one even had the courtesy to respond (a month later). I provided a detailed letter that included our previous experience with rabbits, the supplies we had, living...
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    Has anyone ever got a bad bag of Timothy Hay?

    I order from Small Pet Select, have been very happy with their hay. This is 2nd Cut Timothy I order a 10lb box (don’t have a lot of room to store more)
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    Litter trays

    I use kiln dried compressed pine as well. I change it every 3 days. I suppose I could scoop out the more soiled areas and use for a few more days (maybe I’ll try that bcse many of the pellets are completely dry at 3 days) Not sure what you pay for those, I pay $8-$10 for a 40lb bag that lasts 6...
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    single rabbit or bonded pair - which is easier to re-home

    Sorry but I’m not seeing the logic in getting another rabbit if you are looking to rehome the one you have. What if it’s harder to rehome 2? What if they don’t bond, then you need to find 2 good homes.
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    Pooping EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Yea that’s a lot of poop! Sorry maybe it’s just the adjustment & it will improves! 🙏🏻