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    house train

    Start with a smaller area, like a playpen. When he does well in the playpen, enlarge his area. When he does well in that area, you can give him more space. Rabbits mark their area with their poop, so he might always leave some poop, but he should get better.
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    Ethics of teeth filing

    I have had several rabbits with teeth problems. I think you should stick with the rabbit savvy vet. If your rabbit has a good quality of life, it probably isn't time to let him go. It looks like you are doing a good job of controlling his pain. My rabbit was 12 when I put him to sleep. He would...
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    Can you walk a rabbit?

    It is good that people know what the risks are when leash walking their rabbit. Once someone makes up their mind that using a leash is what they are going to do, I think it is best to give some information on how to do it safely so that their rabbit doesn't get hurt. It is kind of like telling...
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    My rabbit's not a chewer. Will she have tooth problems?

    I agree with Watermelons that is has a lot to do with genetics. Eating hay does help. Pellets and compressed cubes don't work as well even though they are made of hay, because they fall apart when the rabbit bites on them, and so it isn't the same chewing workout for the teeth.
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    Can you walk a rabbit?

    If you want to walk your rabbit inside, the best place to practice is a hallway. Rabbits don't walk by your side like a dog. Put your rabbit in front and kind of "herd" your rabbit down the hall. If your rabbit just sits there and you want the rabbit to go, bend down and tickle the tail or hind...
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    Can you walk a rabbit?

    I have a couple of rabbits that are leash trained with a H style cat harness. They learned it in agility class, but I would never take them outside. Before the pandemic, I took rabbits to long-term care facilities for visits. My rabbits would sit on laps of the elderly, but they don't interact...
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    Can you walk a rabbit?

    It is not a good idea to walk a rabbit outside. There are many dangers. You could meet a stray dog, and people spray chemicals on their lawn. I knew someone who put their rabbit on a leash and took the rabbit to a park, where the rabbit ate a poisonous plant. Rabbits are more difficult to train...
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    My bunny died at 8 months 💔

    My guess is that he had an upper respiratory infection that turned into pneumonia. Pneumonia is difficult to recover from. Rabbits hide their symptoms when they are sick, so it may have been too late when you found out he was sick. I am so sorry for your loss.
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    How to Keep Bun Warm if He Hates Bedding

    I used to have rabbits outside. The temperature here can get down to -10 F, and on rare occasions, -20 F and the cold didn't seem to bother them, as long as they had bedding and protection from the wind. Although the colder it got, the less time they spent outside of their hutch in their...
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    Teeth Extractions

    A rabbit doesn't need to be sedated if is just the front teeth only. My rabbit with spurs would get his teeth taken care of every 3 or 4 months under sedation. I am happy your little guy is getting such good care. You are a good rabbit Mom.
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    Difference between mini and standard rex

    I know that the mini rex carries the dwarf gene. Would a false dwarf just be a standard rex? Just curious.
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    Teeth Extractions

    I had a rabbit with teeth problems that died at the age of 12. I was his foster mom, so the decision of putting him to sleep was decided by the no-kill rescue and the vet. The vet said that as long as he was eating, he had some quality of life and should be kept alive, and the rescue agreed. If...
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    Can rabbits eat red maple leaves?

    Red maple leaves are just maple leaves with more pigment (chlorophyll).
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    How to Keep Bun Warm if He Hates Bedding

    I used to have outdoor rabbits and they did not like nesting boxes. One of my rabbits would use a nesting box for a litter box. Make sure that your rabbit is sheltered from the cold winds. I used to fill the whole hutch with hay. They would pick one or two spots to potty, so I would shovel those...
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    Rabbit Agility Jumps-- Will it be much harder?

    It should be easier. Start with the bar close to the floor. Gradually raise the bar as she gets better at it.