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    4th housing change

    I am not sure what happened to my first cage. The crate I donated to a rabbit rescue. My daughter has taken what we were using. It sure is a process.
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    4th housing change

    No question I just wanted to share is all. The first was too small. The 2nd was too big. 3rd she didn't care for so I am just hopeful she will like her new area and that it will work for her. Nicole
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    4th housing change

    We have had Lucy for over a year and are having our 4th big housing change for her. Our first bunny house was too small and she would pee off the side. The next choice was a very large dog kennel. It was an eye sore and too big. The next choice was a wooden cover over her litter with an X pen at...
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    Tripod Bunny - Injured Rabbit

    I am sorry such a thing happened. You are kind to get all this done and have tried so hard. Many wouldn't have. The rabbit having a good home and good vet care is most important. Many animals have the "drive" to go on. Some might be depressed. I would think a bunny will do okay.
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    At ER vet right now!

    It is a state away here. Nicole
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    Grumpy Bunny

    We are getting new couches this week. I am hopeful she won't get on them and rip it.
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    Weekend Vacation- bunny alone??

    Well we brought everything over when she went to my in-laws. I do not have the same set up now. We recently changed from crate to free range but have a x pen at night....she has found the weak spot and broken out most nights. So I need to either build a bunny condo or get another crate. This...
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    In need of prayer......

    I hope it gets easier for you. It really is so hard to lose a pet. My cats both lived a long life and died about a year from each other. It was really tough. It has been a good 4 years or so. I see photos and it just pulls ar my heart. I miss them. We were not going to have pets again. I grew...
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    Weekend Vacation- bunny alone??

    My rabbit gets sad if she doesn't get enough attention. My rabbit stayed with my mother in law while we went on vacation. Lucy sounded like she had a good time and bonded well with grandma sitting near her on the couch etc. We are going out of town in July for 5 days. My rabbit is staying at...
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    Nail trimming

    I have only done teeny tiny trims but really do not feel comfortable doing it. We have gone to a groomer twice, had a traveling groomer come here and gone to the vet tech for trims. The traveling groomer used a grinding tool. That worked well. I feel like we have had the best experience with...
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    We had used foam mats but she would sometimes pee on them and it just got gross to clean.
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    Balding spot

    I do not have a lot of experience. Lucy lost an area at age 1 that was about the size of a Dime. It filled in quick. My rabbit has super soft fur at her neck. It is not as dense but doesn't look like your bunny. I would wait for more replies then send a photo to your vet. If you buy a subscribe...
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    You guys have to check out this shop! Timbervalleyrabbits

    I put it in my cart and will order on payday:)
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    Grumpy Bunny

    Lately Lucy has been more territorial and sometimes aggressive. This morning I was cleaning her litter and she was standing up and leaning on my back. Then she was lightly biting my toes. Later today she hopped up on the couch and was tearing it up (already torn up). A couple weeks ago my...
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    Bunny cage - Room for improvement?

    I think it is okay but a little tight. Could you add a shelf there by chance? Or possibly put a pen around? We had the 2nd largest size dog crate and had a shelf. It was quite large. We switched to having her have an area with a covered little, a small cat condo, food/water. She is out during...