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    And things were going so well :(

    I have a rescue, my lil boy Sullivan- and he hasfriendly days and grumpy days. I have had him from almost 2 years, andhe is only just starting to really trust me. Instead of invadingBeckham's space, try letting him come over to you- some bunnys justgotta be the boss :)
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    pooey bum

    I think taking pellets away or giving a minimalamount will definitely encourage hay eating- and pellets are mostlycompressed hay anyway- You can also try canned pumpkin as it is high in fibre, or oats.
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    Strange thing happened last night

    (Thanks PIP!)
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    We love you mucho mucho! Kweli, Sully, and PooPoo!:bunnydance:
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    Bend it Like Beckham

    That is one fluffy bunny! Love the ears :)
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    Strange thing happened last night

    Yeah thepolice don'tmind helping out on things like that, especially in our neighbourhood. I once found some guy in my backyard, and since I live in the basement apt, and it was night time- I freaked out- He asked me if so and so lived here, and I said "no! what the hell areyou doing in my...
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    it's a sad day.

    I feel i have no other choice than to leave this forum. it is not what it was, and will never be. I hope that the rabbits and their humans in this forum find good health. I encourage everyone to put their rabbits health and happiness above all else. I have thought about this at length, and...
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    New bunnie pooping WAY too much...

    lots of poop is good. as long as the poops are regular sized. and not to dry or wet. my bunny Kweli is a poop machine. 15 poops are nothing for her. Nicole
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    Survivor is back on...WOO HOO!

    HUGE FAN! and not ashamed to say it!
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    Anal Scent Glands

    me neither, and thank goodness for that!
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    rabbit on hunger strike

    does he drink from a bottle? if so maybe try offering him a dish of water. you might even add some vanilla extract to the water to entice him to drink.
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    rabbit on hunger strike

    any poops? do you have any Nutri-Cal?
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    commands your rabbits can understand (but doesn't necessarily follow)

    "oi" means no, bad, and get down. but only can be applied to Rue and Kweli. and when i make a kissy noise, i get a kiss.
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    Steelers or SeaHawks

    naturestee wrote: :laugh:
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    bunnydude wrote: i considered this dealt with. I don't feel this response was necessary. We as members are already aware that "personal attacks will not be tolerated"