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    Harness training Luna & Theo

    ohh I never knew that! I've been giving them veggies in the evening everyday for 3 days now and I've noticed nothing strange with their poop! But I'll read up more on that Gi Stasis thing you linked! Although it looks like a lot, there isn't really much in their veggies, just a little pennywort...
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    Harness training Luna & Theo

    Thanks for links! I'll use them well 🤗🤗
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    Harness training Luna & Theo

    awww he's a cutie <3 but yeah harness training is going to take some time! I don't have any play pens so I'm not sure about letting them wander without a safety precaution because we have hawks here but once they're used to it, we're definitely going for walks! I may be able to make a large play...
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    Harness training Luna & Theo

    I got them harnesses a day before I got them but I've never been able to use it because I'm not sure if they'll "comply" so easily considering how they were previously bred and raised in cages so now that they've completely warmed up to me I decided to try harness training them! First I'm...
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    What is your bunny name?

    I have two little buns! The female is Luna and the male is Theo! The names just came to me, I didnt have to think too long about them and I love it so much. Sometimes I call Luna lulu and theo like tio
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    Made a bunny tunnel using my old pants 😂

    I made it using the legs of my pants, sewed some wires inside the ends and mid parts for the circle shape and then used long wood sticks on every side to keep the tunnel up Its so cute to see her sleep in there. Makes me feel ✨ appreciated✨