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    New Rabbit Breed

    I love their color. Pam said Nepo might be a Harlequin (magpie) Mini Rex :)
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    how do i post mt pics

    After you copy the img line,you should click onthat-> :)
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    Can some one help me?

    Sometimes they do it to warn other bunnies (or you) of danger.
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    Miffy is mad at me,

    When Nepo use to live insideI'd put a ramp for him (he use to have a wire door and I'd put a smallrug on top of it) and he would easily go out of it. And to get himinside the cage,he had a couple of places he'd letmecatch him on (it was weird) (I didn't just catchhimI petted him first so it...
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    Broken Laptop

    Hi! Welcome back! I can't wait to see pictures of the monsters :):P
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    I'm New here

    Welcome :)!
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    Meat Bunny in the hizzouse! :D

    Welcome to the forum Alice!:)Meat is so adorable. I love the picture of her sleeping inthe litter box :)
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    Destructor bun

    My bunny chews everything in sight :X
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    How did you choose your rabbit's name?

    My mom just came up with thename Nepo. I almost named him Bugs Bunny :Pbecause he kind oflooked like him and he almost got the name Nemo:)
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    Homemade Bunnie Biscuts

    You can alsogo to
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    what breed are they

    They're adorable :)
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    Back From Short Vacation

    I'm sorry to hear about your friends daughter :(
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    Bindy & The rest of the family get a new home

    Congratulations on your new house :).
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    Buster and Tucker's pics

    They're so cute :)
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    i'm new

    Welcome to the forum! :)