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    Rosieroo Jones 3/23/2003 - 3/20/2014

    I'm so sorry, Jim. I just saw this. I still can't believe how old our bunnies have gotten. I could swear it hasn't been that long since Buck rescued her.
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    Anyone in Wisconsin?

    There was one, but it must not have been posted on for a long time. I'm almost never on, but I'm in Sheboygan.
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    What age can a baby male rabbit produce sperm?

    Hi, unfortunately male rabbits are can be fertile as soon as their testicles descend. I would keep him separate from all unspayed females, including the 12-week-old just in case. Some girl rabbits, especially smaller breeds, can start being fertile as early as 3-4 months. I have heard of a few...
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    Possible stasis- good thoughts please

    Thanks, everyone! He's doing better. He's eating a little on his own, I saw him poop, and he looks much more comfortable. The little booger had me worried though because he wasn't fighting the meds or syringed food yesterday. Usually it's like giving meds to a wild weasel.
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    Do runts stay small to adulthood?

    I have seen a runt catch up- Zappa was likely undersized due to mom's malnutrition, additional pregnancy while nursing (she didn't have enough milk), being outcompeted by the bigger babies, and being the only one to get symptoms of syphilis. I'm not sure on the full adult size of the rest of her...
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    Possible stasis- good thoughts please

    I know I'm hardly on any more, but I could use some good thoughts for my old man Loki. I came home from a week-long vacation and he is not eating. I don't know when he stopped. A 13-year-old neighbor girl was pet sitting for us but judging from the fact she didn't notice the cats pooping outside...
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    Faint whistling...

    Is he overweight? My dutch felt like furry jello when I adopted him and he whistled when he breathed. After a clear exam, the vet thought it was just that he was so fat it was pressing on his nasal passages. He was right. It disappeared as his weight decreased and hasn't come back in the 8 years...
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    My amazing Gracie has gone to The Bridge - 8/19/2002 - 7/7/2013

    I'm so sorry, Jim. Binky free, Gracie! :rainbow:
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    Ozzy and Bailey, binky free.

    I'm so sorry, what terrible losses so close together.
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    Elderly rabbit, fir matts.

    I would recommend not using clippers. When I've used them (actually my pro dog groomer friend did the clipping) we did not go down to the skin. It's really hard to do that, especially with super-fine rabbit fur. Rex fur would be worse. I think your best bet is to use blunt-ended grooming...
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    Imaginary friends..Did you have one?

    Imaginary friends? Pfft. I had had imaginary unicorns! I can't help it. I was born a dork.
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    Hey, I'm totally still alive!

    Hi! I'm also rarely around now. I'm so sorry about Erik. He always looked like such a doll. Are you still in college? I can't remember!
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    Crochet dragon I made

    Woah I'm jealous! I just started crocheting a few months ago. I want to try amigurami but I'm working on (of course) a blanket that's going to take me forever.
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    How to get underweight rabbit to eat more hay

    Some rabbits take a little time to learn to eat hay if they haven't had it before. Try making it fun by putting it inside toys such as toilet paper tube or box. Just give small amounts that she's more likely to eat so you have to give her more hay at least every day. For some reason, hay is more...
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    Over the counter fungal cream?

    Thanks! That site was the only one I was able to find either. I only question it because it only says that the creams haven't been specifically formulated for self-grooming animals, not that problems are actually known. Since I have a toddler and a house full of animals she does need to be...