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    Finally, PICS OF MIMAH!

    He/she looks sooooo much like my Astro around the eyes!!!! He is same colouring but has less torty on his back, he just has a stripe - very cute!!!! He also has more colour on his ears - do you know what breed he/she is??? Very sweet!!! :)
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    Recent pic's of my boys!

    Thanks! It seems (from my other post...) that they may not be HUGE after all, they just grow soooooo fast at first - is amazing!!!
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    How old is full grown & how big will my buns be!?

    Great! SO they may only grow another lb or two...? That sounds pretty perfect really.... when does the growing pretty much stop?
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    color, breed help

    I am new at this and but have been reading loads of books and looking at lots of bunny pic's and I thought he looked like a rex too! Yay for me! LOL! He is super cute and love the curly whiskers!!!
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    How old is full grown & how big will my buns be!?

    Well, my buns parents were supposedly a dwarf and a medium sized bunny... there weights at their vet visit today was: Poppy 1.55kg - 3.41 lbs Astro 1.35kg - 2.97 lbs They are brothers and were born 1 Feb 09, so about 2.5 months old or about 12wks old... they are looking quite large for...
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    Bunny names, and sharing them

    Any other Astro's or Poppy's? Bet there's no boy Poppy's!!!
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    Recent pic's of my boys!

    Thanks! I did read that if mum was dwarf say and dad was medium, than you end up with 50% dwarf babies and 50% medium babies, not just a new size of bunny if you get what I mean! So very interesting, you could have two brother bunnys and they one a dwarf and one a medium bunny - I may be wrong...
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    Recent pic's of my boys!

    I would love to know, maybe its different with each breed?! Well they are home from their operation and doing great! They are great together, good friends and yes they are brothers!!! Got some weights from the vet today aswell, so at 2.5months old, their weights are: Poppy 1.550kg ( 3.41 lbs )...
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    Spaying And Neutering...

    I have no clue what is availabe in the States if that is where you are, but here in NZ the prices ranged from $87.50 right up to $225 for neutering... bit pricey really! A couple of local vets averaged at about $105-$107. Mine are being done today at a local vet for $87.50, he does bunnys...
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    Recent pic's of my boys!

    They are going to need a much bigger home once they have finished growing!!! Which I have no idea when that will be! 5-6months old? They are 2.5 months now and big boys already - will hopefully have some weights from the vet today, but can do it at home too, but not as accurately (Poppy is...
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    New Bunny Added To The Family

    She is beautiful!!! :D
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    Recent pic's of my boys!

    Here are some pic's I took the other day of my two handsome lads! They are in at the vet today being neutered, so I hope they are OK! Feel a bit apprehensive about it all...... :( Two buddys! Ear's up anyone!!! Up & Over! Astro is always the adventurer!
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    Meet Kasper

    He is totally GORGEOUS!!! OMG!!! Can't wait for my boys to big and beautiful like him!!!
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    NEW BUNNY!!!

    He looks so much like my Poppy!!! His colouring is almost the same, how it fades a bit around his middle section and gets lighter towards his underside!!! They could be brothers - LOL! Will try and post a good recent pic of Poppy for you.... I don't know what he is either.