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  1. Nadege

    9months bunny one ear dropped? Help

    He looks so adorable! But yeah, his ears are too long for him to be 100% nethie.
  2. Nadege

    Colouring help

    She's so pretty! Love her blue eyes and cute white paws :)
  3. Nadege

    tooth grinding?

    Mine does this when I pet her ears :)
  4. Nadege

    Lets see those Buns!!

    She is so cute in that hat! Here is the last picture I took of my Lady a couple days ago:
  5. Nadege

    Parsley and rabbits.

    My bunny likes parsley, actually it's the only herb/vegetable she is willing to eat for now, I usually give it to her in small amounts and she is fine, no gas or anything :)
  6. Nadege

    Is it ear mites?

    It could be fur mites. Have you checked the rest of his body to see if there was any other crusts or bald spots? They're kind of hard to spot sometimes. My bunny had them when I got her and she had missing fur and crusts on her back and on one of her ears as well. I'd suggest taking him to the...
  7. Nadege

    When my bunnies ears go back does that mean she's scared?

    My bunny does that when she's scared or when she is mad at me for some reason, I found this website very useful to help me understand bunnies' body language: Hope this helps. :)
  8. Nadege

    Let's see those Easter bunnies!!!

    I'm a bit late but here's Lady and my chocolate bunny on Easter!
  9. Nadege

    Is it ok to have just one rabbit?

    I only have Lady for now and I spend a lot of time with her so she doesn't get bored. Hamish sounds like a happy little bunny :) And it's awesome that you rescued him!
  10. Nadege

    Your first bun

    My first bunny was a blue eyed, white dwarf named Vicky. She died of pneumonia when she was 6 years old :( She was very curious, not shy at all and very affectionate. I miss her so much.
  11. Nadege

    New baby bunny

    Adorable! Congrats. My bunny is a netherland dwarf too :)
  12. Nadege

    Is Cappybun unhappy?

    I think it's just his personality :) My Lady is a bit like that too. I have to get her out of her cage myself if I want her to exercise a bit and hop around, otherwise she is too shy to jump out of it herself.
  13. Nadege

    What breed is my rabbit?

    Aww, she is so pretty! Look at those eyelashes :) She looks like a Flemish giant mix to me!
  14. Nadege

    Can you have two boy rabbits together in the one hutch?

    I had two males from the same litter that never were separated before and surprisingly never had any problems, but this is just my experience and I'd be very careful if I were you. Good luck!
  15. Nadege

    What does your bunny love?

    Lady loves chewing and digging, being petted behind her ears, and eating persil!