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    Netherlands dwarf offspring

    Thanks for your reply on this post and the other two. Yes chestnut agouti makes sense. It's hard to tell about the grey looking one definitely not sable point as he is just grey all over without any other markings. Will see within next few days/ within a week if it will get darker/lighter...
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    Colours of my baby rabbits...?

    Hi My rabbits are 12 days old now, I have four baby bunnies please see photo can anyone tell me the colours of them - e.g. lilac / agouti .... Any information would be helpful, thanks
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    Netherlands dwarf offspring

    My rabbit gave birth 11 days ago and see attached pictures... could anyone tell me the colouring names e.g.. lilac/ agouti split etc....
  4. I'm ontop of the world

    I'm ontop of the world

    Ghost chinchilla rabbit
  5. Cutie


    When she was a baby. Agouti split
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    Netherlands dwarf offspring

    Thank you. Yes I tried to do some research myself into the biology of the colour genetics etc but biology isn't my strongest subject
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    Netherlands dwarf offspring

    Thanks for the reply. From what I remember my buck ghost chinchilla the dad was a chinchilla and I THINK the mum was the same but I am not 100% sure. For the female agouti split.... the mum was opal split and not sure what the dad is.
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    Netherlands dwarf offspring

    Hi I have two Netherland dwarf rabbits buck and doe.... Male - ghost chinchilla colour brown eyes Female - agouti split with blue eyes I am new on this forum so I will try to upload pics later. Would anyone know the possible colourings of the offspring? Thanks