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    Anyone have (or had) hedgehogs?

    Ooooo... Please keep us posted with more adorable pics of your new little sweetie! I have had a small interest in them, but knowing that they are nocturnal they might not fit my daytime living. Hope he feels better after quilling, the poor little guy.
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    Mrs. Brown's Road To Rehabilitation!

    OMG!!! What a little sweetheart! Give her a big cuddle from me. :)
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    Hi Angieluv!! Wow this does seem like a good time to come back to RO! Missyscove and Larry still here! Yes to Jim D, we must find him. Is Tiny's Mom still on? I have to find her book again. It gave me so much comfort when Patrick and Luna passed. Who else would we all know? I should find out if...
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    King Kirby's Rabbit Nation 2014

    I have already posted on Kirby's Bridge thread, but felt the need to read more. Again, I am so sorry I was not on RO to share your grief. My heart aches all over for your loss of Kirby and for my own loss of Patrick and Luna. That type of hurt, I'm afraid, will never go away or diminish over...
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    Binky free, my Kirby

    I am so sorry for posting so late on Kirby's Bridge thread. I just popped in for a quick peek at the latest news when I saw your post. My heart lept out of my chest and just the words "Not our little King Kirby!!" came out. You will never know how sorry I am to hear of Kirby's passing. I am...
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    Make a Jazz Noise Here

    Sorry I haven't been on for such a long time.... The loss of Patrick and Luna was so hard to handle since they were such a big part of my life. So many changes have taken place in my life over these past few years, but it's alway been nice to receive little updates from RO. Believe it or not...
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    RIP Ronnie, 6/9/2005 to 11/10/2012

    I am so sorry about your loss of Ronnie. He was such a little trooper with his head-tilt and your nursing him. Such a character Ronnie was. He couldn't have had a better, more understandinghome than with you, being the stud-bunny he was. Sending you lots of healing hugs. :hug: Binky Free at...
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    Soooska's Bunny Burrow 2009 - 2011

    Birthday girls don't come much sweeter than your Daisy Mae!!! :big kiss: :weee::pinkbouce: Happy 7th Birthday Daisy Mae!!! :bunnydance::bunny18 Hope Daisy had all sorts of nibbly-good stuff for her special day! Lot's of love to you Daisy!! :bunnyheart
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    Soooska's Bunny Burrow 2009 - 2011

    Squeeeeeee..... !!!!! Party Hats!!!!! I love Vega's Princess hat!!! So sparkley on her! How handsome is that Winston in his manly blue hat?!!! :party:Happy Gotchya Day Winston and Vega!!! :party:
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    Soooska's Bunny Burrow 2009 - 2011

    Vega makes me laugh... She seems like she doesn't care much about what is going on around her as long as she has Winston. :D Ah... True Love!!! ;)
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    Soooska's Bunny Burrow 2009 - 2011

    Oh my gosh!!! Could that dress be any cuter?!!!! It is absolutely stunning on Daisy! I could see Daisy becomingCanada's Mascot Bunny. How could anyone resist the powers of Daisy wearing something so patriotic?!! ;)
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    Nummy has passed away this morning.

    Sending you tons of healing hugs **:hug:** because there aren't enough words to let you know that your saying goodbye was done out of yourlove for Nummy. Binky Free at The Bridge Nummy :rainbow: Your family will miss you so much, so watch over them until they are healed a little.
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    Goodbye Shadow, my Beautiful Big, Black Bun

    When I read your post on your blog about the acupuncture helping Shadow, I thought you might have a glimmer of hope, of possible healing. I guess there is no good outcome for tumors/cancers in bunnies. It sounds like Georgia is taking over as big-bun of the house. How sweet of her to take over...
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    Cheryl's Bunnies

    I have such a knot in my stomach from reading your post... Cheryl, I am so sorry you had to go through such a horrible day with your babies. I hope you had someone with you for support and to drive you home. How numb you must have felt... I couldn't even begin to imagine how much you hurt...
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    Soooska's Bunny Burrow 2009 - 2011

    Awe... poor Daisy... I guess that's a little extra pumpkin in her dish... poor girl.... ;) I thought you were going to say Vega was shedding with her plush coat. I think the shedding is just the worst when I know they are having a more difficult time of it. Even my naughty Oliver has been...