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    Rabbit Paintings & Portraits

    Okay!! Well, I'll let you know if it arrives! Iknow John sent me a package from California when he was visiting, ittook 2 weeks to get here, and he sent it by air mail. how big are the prints? 5X7? or are they smaller? or bigger? I can't wait to get it :)
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    Rabbit Paintings & Portraits

    I bet your list is big! I know I wanted you topaint one of Peppy Maggie and Samson together, but if you don't havetime its totally fine :) Your work is just so beautiful. Did you get my address? I PMed it to you a while ago, and never heard back from ya. -Michelle
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    Bunny B-Days

    Peppy's is July 28th, Maggie's is September 23rd I think and Samsons is July 12th. :)
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    Where did your rabbits come from?

    all 3 are from the pet store!! And all 3 were what they were supposed to be, so, I'm not disapointed in any way... :)
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    Oh good!! I' mglad you didn't decide to let this stranger have your puppy. It's true, you can pretty much get a lab X for free anywhere, or at least adopt one for like $75. Someone wanting to pay $200 just did not seem right.
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    How did you choose your rabbit's name?

    Maggie's first name was Abbigail...or Abby...but, I didn't like it, so I changed it to Maggie. lol. Peppy is named after the rabbit on StarFox (nintendo game) And Samson is a biblical character who once was a hero but turned eviland was sent to hell. (sounds just like my bunny doesn't it? :P)
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    How much do you love your rabbit?

    Peppy, words cant describe it... Samson, as muchas possible... I don't like him he's mean to me and bites me, but Istill love him for being evil :P
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    What's on Yours?

    I don't have a mousepad, I'm using a block of wood.. lol. And my desktop is just pink and stars and swirlies...
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    Time in Canada

    it does depend on where. Newfoundland 6:00am, Nova Scotia 5:30am, Ontario 4:30am, I forget therest lol well British Columbia is 1:30am, Alberta is2:30am.... I think thats it? *man I dont even know my own country'stime zones lol
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    High School

    Do you guys have those tests and community hours? I didn't have to do it as I was the older class style thingie, butthese days in Ontario, you can't graduate unless you pass this literacytest and have 40 or more community hours.
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    High School

    In Ontario you need 36 I believe to graduate...or...32? I can't remember...but I got them all anyway... lol.
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    PLZ Help..! It's and EMergency..! **

    Hi There hun, If the vet says he has a furball, that might just be it. You need to try and get your little Pebbles to drink fresh pineapple juice, thats supposed to be good for blockages. Also, there is a thread about G.I Stasis that you should read about when Carolyn's little TuckerBucker...
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    Newbie on board

    Hey There!! Welcome to the boards!! I love lops! I don't have one, but someday I would really like one! Please post pictures if you can!! -Michelle
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    i'm new

    Hey There!! Welcome to our home!! Take off your coat, kick off those shoes and stay awhile :) -Michelle
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    Harold and Judy: The College Years

    EEEM wrote: I'd say Harold and Samson could almost be twins :P Peppy is black, kinda like Judy....I'd say we have similar tastes in bunnies :P