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    My dog won't peacefully coexist with our new rabbit...

    First, Blue Eyes has great advice and was helpful to me when I first got my rabbit! Much more knowledgeable about rabbits than I am, for sure! I do have a lot of experience with dogs though. I have retired racing greyhounds, a coon hound and a beagle - all hunting breeds with high prey drives...
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    Happy Bunny Club (the bunny box)

    So we got our Happy Bunny Club Christmas box last week. I promised my significant other that we would wait until the weekend when he would be home to see the unboxing too so we had an early Christmas for Esther on Saturday. We took a video of the whole thing but I'm attaching a picture so you...
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    Happy Bunny Club (the bunny box)

    I've tried a couple - one for dogs and one with cosmetics (not from the big name box company because they include cosmetic products tested on animals). I found I didn't use the makeup quickly enough to make it worthwhile to continue butI got some good products. With 3 dogs, the dog treat/toy...
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    Happy Bunny Club (the bunny box)

    I checked out some reviews and ordered one for Esther. I thought the Christmas Box was a good way to try it out and see if it's worth a subscription. This review in particular sold me on trying it out: UK to USA Shipping Time & Cost WORTH IT! by Diana written 2 months ago Yes, if you live...
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    Rosie Loves RabbitsOnline

    She's such a little cutie!
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    Help finding nueter vet!

    The list I posted came from a bunny rescue group in the Houston area. Lauren - I feel sure any bunny savvy vet does neutering - it's a simple, routine procedure. I still think it's worth calling and asking how many they perform, how often they perform them, etc. but thought it might give you...
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    Long Nose

    I'm glad the vet said it's nothing to worry about. Take care!
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    Help finding nueter vet!

    I found this link with several Houston area options. I hope it helps. Good luck!
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    Long Nose

    Good luck! I hope it's nothing serious too. Please let me know what your vet says.
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    Long Nose

    I would definitely get him to the vet. It could be something like a wart but based on what I've read, a lot of those can become cancerous down the road if they aren't dealt with properly. I would think it could also possibly be bacteria or a fungal infection of some kind. The vet should be able...
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    Long Nose

    I think your English is fine. Would you mind uploading the picture as an attachment instead? The way it is included it must be downloaded and I don't want to risk doing that with an unknown file. Without a picture, I would say it is possible he could have an abcess or tumor or something like...
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    Rabbit's not walking right

    I am so sorry for your loss. :bigtears:
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    Banana? for rabbits?

    My rabbit won't eat fresh banana at all but she LOVES freeze-dried banana. She's a very picky eater though!
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    Hutch went to the rainbow bridge today

    I'm so sorry for your loss. It sounds like you did your very best for him and I'm sure he knew how much he was loved.
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    Vet Transport Question

    Thank you all so much for the tips and especially the link with great information! Esther got a clean bill of health on Saturday and is scheduled to be spayed Wednesday morning. :thanks: