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    Bunny diet question

    No! Find a new vet. Goto they have a list of rabbit vets. I would of asked if I could hold my own rabbit. Tenoch is my baby so we do not even let anyine watch him. We go on vacation he goes with us.
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    Share your bunnies!

    This is Tenoch! He is a small. Rabbit but in his own mind he is huge.
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    Taking rabbits out in public

    We take Tenoch my rabbit on vacation He has been to many places in Florida, Georgia and the Smokey Mountains twice. We have a carrier for him and a harness. One hotel stated he was the first rabbit they had to check-in. When we stop at rest areas or to let him out he is harnessed and the area...
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    Do you have a pet rabbit?

    Tenoch is not a pet he is my kid. We think e is a dragon who tried to disguise himself as a cow but got his portions wrong so he is pretending to be a bunny. He like to chase me and grunt. He hates it when I clean. The broom is his nemesis. He is a little guy with a big personality.
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    Formed soft poop

    They are more or less like the blackberry cluster. Maybe once a month at night, mostly I feel when he is upset at me (lol) because he got a bath. Ever since he came to us is how long. My husbands friend found him in front of a tow yard. He was not mature when we got him. We had him about 2 weeks...
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    Formed soft poop

    I tried mixing the timothy hay with different hays and he would not eat it or pick out what he likes. He gets his pellets from 7 pm on and not to much. He is a very active rabbit. Someone moves in the house he is following. He likes to chase me and slide to a stop by me.
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    Formed soft poop

    I was giving him timothy hay but he did not eat it. I tried several different types. I can only get him to eat most of is alfalfa. He does not eat the hard thicker pieces. I spoke to his vet about it and he said as long as he also has timothy hay pellets it is fine. But he did not have much hay...
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    Formed soft poop

    My rabbit Tenoch gets soft formed poop. Sometimes during the day not to bad from what I can tell. But it seems like when he gets mad at me he has it more. An example is tonight I had to give him a bath because he is a sprayer and gets pee all over him and starts smelling. After I dried him and...
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    Cruise - Europe

    My husband and I were talking about going on a cruise to Europe after our son graduates. He would come with us and we would want to take our rabbit Tenoch. What are the restrictions and requirements to take him? I saw something about quarantine for 6 months!!! Is that true? He is my second son...
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    Only bites me...

    I am not sure if he is doing out of hormonal frustration. He will start circling me and lunge at me and bite and hold on. Sometimes he gets lifted up when I move my leg. I am scared to walk by him or him be near me, unless I am sitting down. Tonight I put him in his hitch early, I wanted to try...
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    Only bites me...

    We do not thump him My son has tried squirting him with water but he just shakes it off and goes on. We also put him in his hutch when he sprays, not sure if he cares about that or not. My husband is hoping he will grow out of it. We love him to death..
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    Only bites me...

    We had another male rabbit that we did not neutered and he was never as vicious as this rabbit. He could of cared less if I cleaned his messes. He also never sprayed, but we got him from a pet store in a flea market. These bites sometimes it is like he is trying to latch on to me. He does...
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    Only bites me...

    I am the only one he bites. He sprays my son all the time, but has never really bitten him. Why am I the only one he bites? My husband does not want to neuter him.
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    Only bites me...

    We have a rabbit male not neutered, he is about six months old. He only bites me... sometimes when I walk he will lunge at my feet. Most of the time he is a good rabbit and will follow me. Bit there are times when I will walk and he lunge at my feet... or he will spray me and start nipping at my...
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    Aggressive Rabbit

    The last few days he has started where he does a little leap and spray all over. I have started when he does this or pee's any where else I put him in his hutch for about 15 minutes. I know this how males rabbits mark territory. Our other male rabbit never jumped and sprayed. Any other ideas...