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    Coming to America

    Where in LA are you going, polly?
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    I could PM you, or I could just post it here. They accept drop off's at the shelter 24/7. At the old shelter you had to ring a doorbell and someone would come, I'm not sure what the procedure is at the new one. You could always call the shelter if you wanted to, but I don't know of a direct...
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    I am very sad to inform you that...

    I'm not going to comment on my opinions on your rehoming your rabbits, let alond my opinion of your parents allowing you to end up with 3 in the first place. Keep in mind I am only 17, and while I am the primary caretaker for my rabbits, they are first and foremost my mother's. I will...
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    Hurricane Dean

    Hey Rosie, did you get rain today like we did? Yeah, Hurricane Dean's CA showers, lol.
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    Leaf wrote: This is a city shelter (aka pound). They do animal intake 24 hours a day, essentially so that a stray animal can be dropped of at anytime. I know they were considering changing that for unweaned, orphaned, kittens and puppies, but that doesn't really apply to this discussion...
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    congrats missycove!

    :D Considering I basically live on here, it's kind of sad how much lower I am than a bunch of people who joined after me. I guess that just means I need to start posting more pictures.
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    The "Or" game

    artificial Browsers: IE or firefox?
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    Sophie and Buster

    They are cuties. That's quite the toy pile you've got going there.
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    Leonidas and Spartan.

    How about we agree to disagree on the rattie tail subject. I do love bunny tails though.
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    I did just look at the website and there are animals in there that came in before June 28th. That's certainly a good sign. Especially Clyde. He's such a sweet NZ.
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    I missed this post. This is the shelter where I volunteer on a regular basis though I haven't been for the last 2 months as I was out of state and then had my wisdom teeth out, etc. etc. I'm not sure what the situation is at the moment, but at the beginning of the summer they relocated to...
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    Leonidas and Spartan.

    The manx rats look more like hammies to me. I like hammies. I don't think I could handle a hairless rat.
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    The "Or" game

    parsley nd or flemmish
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    Leonidas and Spartan.

    It's just the whole long, hairless thing...
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    *RESOLVED* DESPERATE!!! Need a home for found bunny.... (LONG)

    It sounds like you're doing your best. I'm in the LA area, but I personally don't have room for another bunny. I volunteer at a city shelter, but they're overflowing too and it isn't exactly a no-kill environment, though they try not to euth any buns. Have you taken a look at our rescue...