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  1. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN

    Does my rabbit have bloat?

    She just passed away last night/this morning..... she has been acting completely normal but there must've been something wrong. Thank you very much for your advice. She was already too far gone I guess..
  2. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN

    Does my rabbit have bloat?

    Her spine and hindquarters feel like a normal-weighted Holland Lop. And yes, she is small for her age. She's eating mostly normal, she gets 1/2 cup pellets a day with a pinch of oats. Usually she just doesn't eat the oats.
  3. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN

    Does my rabbit have bloat?

    Yes, but they're almost all cecotropes
  4. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN

    Does my rabbit have bloat?

    I got a 3 month old Holland Lop doe a few weeks ago from a breeder. She has been acting completely normal but her belly seems to be really full all the time. I've never experienced any health problems with my bunnies before so I don't know if it's a concern. At first I just thought she was...
  5. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN

    What Color are These Kits/Babies

    Awwww, they're so cute!!!:)
  6. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN

    Bunster thumping

    Thumping is usually just a sign of she spayed? Some un neutered rabbits thump when they want to breed. Is she eating normally yet, and have you tried giving her hay?
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    Help sex my babies!

    The 3rd that says "girl?" looks like a male.. otherwise the others look accurate. How old are they? Also, when you're trying to sex them, press down and towards the rabbit's head. Slit= doe, circle= buck. Hope this helps!
  8. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN

    Meet Gabby!

    Cute!!! Make sure you let her settle in for at least 48 hours;)
  9. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN

    Weird Rabbit Action

    Does she flip completely on her back? Or just flop on her side..?
  10. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN

    Mini water fountain okay for bunny?

    If the water drips out of the bottle into a bowl, and she likes drinking out of the fountain, it sounds like she would prefer a water crock. Make sure you get one that can't tip over easily though.:)
  11. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN

    Bunny friend

    I also agree with Blue Eyes. Breed doesn't matter, but it is usually easier to bond a female and a male (instead of female and female, or male and male).
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    Bunny care advice

    What popsicles said is exactly what I do, and would do in your situation!
  13. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN

    Bunny grew a mane over night!

    Well she is definitely a Lionhead cross!!! I don't know about it growing overnight though. Where did you get her from?
  14. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN

    Weird Rabbit Action

    The reason she's very calm when you flip her over is because when a rabbit is on it's back, it is called "trancing"..... it can be extremely harmful to the rabbit so please do not do it unless you are checking gender, or for health problems.
  15. Mini Rex Rabbiters MN

    Chewing on Walls

    My Hollands do this as well, except they don't eat the paint, just chew it off. It's annoying! I have 3 large spots in my house where they've chewed the paint off!. I put a large sheet over my wall so they can't chew it anymore;)