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    Bunny Contest! - 'Rabbits outdoors' - Win a Prize!

    CB You may not qualify to enter but you're still awesome! (I've never heard our buns cluck so maybe you could teach them? :p)
  2. Milyvan

    Spanish Moss

    I did thank you and this article is excellent! :cool::)
  3. Milyvan

    Spanish Moss

    Glad yours is fine and appreciate the info!
  4. Milyvan

    What does it mean when a rabbit licks you?

    LOL The infamous foot flick. We don't see it often but when we do we know we've been "bad". (Usually get it after nail trims.)
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    Bunny Contest! - 'Rabbits outdoors' - Win a Prize!

    Well my buns won't refund the papaya. :p
  6. Milyvan

    Bunny Contest! - 'Rabbits outdoors' - Win a Prize!

    Awesome idea! No flowers outside, though. Used some papaya as "bait" with some fake flowers I had: Hope it's acceptable. Regardless: Ears to a hoppy easter everybun!
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    What does it mean when a rabbit licks you?

    Bunnies don't need salt licks. (Neither do cavies. That's just advertisers trying to sell you stuff.) Bunny grooming (licking) you is a very high sign of affection.
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    Is my bunny depressed?

    Our Cosmo is very laid back: Food, the occasional treat and simply lounging are her idea of a great day. Tilky is the affectionate binkying bun. They've been this way for years. Others' suggestions of cardboard boxes and paper bags work well for us but Cosmo mostly observes. (We wasted lots...
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    Rabbit un potty trained himself and poops everywhere

    Ours use their boxes to pee but have always just left their droppings. (They're free roam with us in the bedroom where we spend 90% of our time.) We sweep a few times a day and drop it in a tub for our trees and our plants (which are very healthy lol). They feed the kale and the kale feeds...
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    Spanish Moss

    Good to know and thank you very, very much! :cool:
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    Spanish Moss

    emily_jane Thank you so much for the info and glad your rascal is ok! (I searched everywhere I could think of, too and same results.) So far it seems the consensus is it's ok but hoping to learn more since it grows everywhere here in FL and if it was ok I'd trim some for the furfriends...
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    R.I.P. My Bunny "Stew"

    (((hugs))) He's playin' with Tumper right now until we get to see 'em again.
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    I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my rabbit! Show me your bunnies too!

    We just moved into a new (to us) home and there's enough space in our bedroom we let the cavies free roam now also. I made a hay manger out of an old stool and attached a couple water bottes. 2 food bowls too 'cuz I wanted to avoid squabbles. Turns out none of them mind sharing >yay<! My...
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    WHaT Is GOinG ON

    You're exactly right: I had it right in my head but somehow got my terminology mixed up between my brain and the keyboard. lol
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