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    Its been two years.

    Its been two years since Ollie died, and I miss you today more than ever. I was just watching old videos of you doing your jumps (geez, look at what i used to wear! as if you didnt disown me!:P) and you were such a beautiful rabbit. I miss going out every day and feeding you and playing with...
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    Considering getting another rabbit(s)

    Numbat wrote: PMed you. Thanks Pipp. :)
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    Considering getting another rabbit(s)

    Numbat wrote: Yes, I am only a teenager, and still living at home, so my mother is able to care for the rabbits while I am away. I'm mainly worried because I won't have much time to spend with them personally. At least half an hour a day when I'm home, but that might only be 5 days a week...
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    Cost of neutering/spaying

    In, I think, 2006, it cost me somewhere between $70 and $100 to get my male rabbit neutered. I am located in Victoria. I'd be able to tell you the exact sum, but I can't find my old record book for him. If I come across it I'll let you know.
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    Considering getting another rabbit(s)

    Hi, Since Ollie passed away, I've taken on a lot more responsibilities. Over the holidays, I sometimes am away from home for up to five days at a time, and I have camp later on this year. However, I have really wanted to get another rabbit, or pair of rabbits, for a long time. I understand...
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    Teeth Removal

    Can a rabbit function normally without it's front four teeth? I have a friend that has a rabbit who has always had rapidly growing teeth, and she needs to take him to the vet to get them filed down reguarly so he stays healthy. Recently she took him to the vet and they said that his teeth are...
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    Rabbit agility pictures

    boukacreshollands wrote: Hi Kim, Were you thinking of making a jump where rabbits jump into water, or a jump where rabbits jump over water? In the professional jumping events in Denmark and other countries where rabbit hopping is popular, they often use a very shallow tray filled with water...
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    RIP Ollie.

    timetowaste wrote: Hi Tracy, Haven't been coming onto this forum for a while now, because I couldn't see much reason to post since I don't have a rabbit anymore. Have been stalking around occasionally, though. ;) I still miss you everyday, Ollie. But the part of me that died with you is...
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    "Chase Me Charlie"

    He looks great, Emily. :)
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    Fly's Getting Spayed.

    She's really really really well today. Seriously, you can't even tell she had an operation yesterday. We practically had to sit on her to stop her from running around and popping her stitches. She also got a microchip, and got two teeth removed, as well as getting some eardrops, because she has...
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    Fly's Getting Spayed.

    She's OK. She's home now, still very weak and dopey, but hopefully she'll perk up within a few days. :)
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    Fly's Getting Spayed.

    Thanks guys. :) I'll let you know as soon as I get back from school tomorrow. I'm going to get my mother to text me once she knows how the operation went so I can relax and finish my tests without having to worry about her. :P
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    Enjoy every moment

    The same thing happened to my bunny. It's absolutely horrible when they just slip away. I cried, I screamed, I beat my head against the wall. And then I accepted it. All within a day or two. Because he was happy when he died. He died straight after I let him run around in the backyard for the...
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    Fly's Getting Spayed.

    Hi guys, My miniature pinscher puppy Fly is getting spayed on Wednesday. :( I'm really worried about her, with her being so small and everything. To top it off, I have two tests and one assessment task at school that day, plus it's a Wednesday, and I hate Wednesdays. :? Thoughts and prayers...
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    Pull out those cameras and take pictures....

    I agree totally. I just wish I had just one more photo of my precious Ollie. :sad: