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    Age and getting spayed

    Don't spray your females before 7 months bigger race 8 months. Because better is to give her organs time to be an adult. and don't want to rape females. or get pregnant teenagers.
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    One overweight rabbit and one underweight one

    it seem to me that Athena need time to eat seperate from Apolloto help her gain weight. and You can handfeed Athena to help her gain weight. in the space of Appolo you can give him grainfree meadows menu/beapar nature. Read on the ingredients ;no wheat produkts. makes that he didn't grow so...
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    how long can there strave himselves?

    i mean :He eats vegetables and Hay. but also selctive .
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    how long can there strave himselves?

    i have order new food. and the New medows menu i have left. oxbow bunny pellets i don't buy. there is wheat in it. and it is not for sale here. i have $40 waist. i think he is just stubborn. i hope he eats the other foods. i eat vegetables and hay.
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    how long can there strave himselves?

    it is Rosewood meadow menu ! i did 2 kg away. nbut he didn't want these either. than i nee other grainfree food. Who knows a good one?.
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    how long can there strave himselves?

    Thank you!. Yes he eat other things and hay but i want him to eat his Meadow Menu Rabbit, again. bus these food he have been eat for 3years and now it is a new pack, he resist it. i cannot mix these food because it is empty. i buyed the same food . and that he refuse.these food is from Rosewood.
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    how long can there strave himselves?

    my rabbit didn't want his food. the nieuw pack. he didn't eat that new havest chuncks. how do i get him eat?
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    Litter training

    the one that pees every were in and outside. But after 1 year we discoverd that she was a he !. and that pees had to do with territorium.
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    What quantity of pellets do you feed?

    Misssara and others if you give them food pellets whit wheat ! most rabbits will not put energie in eating gras and hay. wheat is a kind of addict-effect. and very many docters adviced the food whit famous marks. they are somethimes sponsored and or they know not better,because they get...
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    I need help deciding if these pellets are good for a 6-week-old rabbit.

    Meadow menu is WHOLE food. all vitamins ,minerals and protein and fat. Also very good for the teeth. i gived these from 7=8 weeks old. never ever get troubles. Wene be given Oxbow rabbit young= wheat based, than your rabbit get used to wheat based food,and then you can hardly get it off...
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    I need help deciding if these pellets are good for a 6-week-old rabbit.

    no it is not really good . all that wheat germ bran,wheat flour and vegetable oil is wheat oil. in nature they didn't eat wheat. only by accident. and it makes that your rabiit didn't want gras/hay and natural herbs. i only give them meadow menu, from Rosewood Naturals. If you give them only...