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    Refrigerating PenG Procaine
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    Refrigerating PenG Procaine

    This is the safe antibiotic list from medirabbit. Your 2.4 lb rabbit is about 1 kg (2.2lbs) There is a range of dosage in units. If you locate bicillin you will see the range is 47,000-84,000 u per kg. I usually dose somewhere in the middle. If you have a rabbit savvy vet it may be wiser to...
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    Flooring for older bun with spinal disc issues

    Thanks Jenny, she is not yet paralyzed and most of the time can keep her balance and move around if the flooring of the xpen is kept very flat. Last night she had an episode of not being able to get her hind legs under her and when attempting to get up just goes in a circle. I gave her extra...
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    Flooring for older bun with spinal disc issues

    Thanks for the suggestion! Yesterday Jim and I spent the entire afternoon in Home Depot and Menards looking at mats, carpets, etc. I had not yet seen the reply so I ended up buying several floor mats with rubber backing and short minimal carpet fiber on front. Last evening , for whatever reason...
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    Flooring for older bun with spinal disc issues

    My bun Willow has spent the entirety of her life living in an X-men enclosure on UHaul brown paper and cardboard boxes . The joy of her life is to sit on cardboard and rip it apart . She is now 13yr old and recently was diagnosed with spinal disc issues which temporarily left her unable to use...
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    Overgrown Incisors, please help!

    If the upper and lower jaw is not aligned in the rabbit's mouth then the teeth are not able to grind together in a normal manner ;this is usually a genetic issue. If the problem is only the incisors then they could be removed ( plus peg teeth behind them ) . Rabbits can pick up food without...
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    Where can I order really good timothy hay?

    I live in La Crosse Wi . I live rural but have not had too much good luck with local hay . I do not want alfalfa or clover in it . Have dealt with that before. I might put this on the RO FB page as some of the older members are still on there and I think that they might have some suggestions...
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    Where can I order really good timothy hay?

    feed stores here do not sell hay . I have looked :-(
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    Where can I order really good timothy hay?

    Hi I have not been on here for a long time so "Hello" to all those who remember me.:) I currently have a question re. where to get really nice timothy hay in bulk . Let me tell you a little about my hay experiences in the past. I have always had multiple bunnies and currently have 4 in...
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    Beginning sore hocks

    Thanks RD..I am going to look into foam pads :-)
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    Cancer and tumour help.

    I just want to say that I admire the quality of life and care that you are giving to your girl ! You are devoted and an excellent bunny mom ! I had a bun with cancer but it was a fast growing fibrosarcoma and he succumbed to it really quickly. I would guess that the blood smearing on floor is...
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    Can someone help!

    I agree with above posts. If there is a change in his breathing from normal then he should go to a rabbit knowledgeable vet. You also mentioned half open pinkish rimmed eye which also needs to be seen ..could be conjunctivitis. I had a mini-lop years ago who had a respiratory problem that began...
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    Beginning sore hocks

    Well both these posts helped me a lot so "thank you" to both of you :) I had been reading about bandaging hocks and it looked difficult to do. Thomas is very difficult to handle and the thought of needing to bandage anything on him would seem close to impossible. Aki, when you used the cortisone...
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    Beginning sore hocks

    Hi, I have 2 mini-rex 9 month old bonded brothers . Although I have had many rabbits over the years I have never owned this breed. I noticed yesterday that one of the boys is losing fur and just beginning to get a tiny callus on his heel and I am quite concerned where this could go. I know that...