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    Anybody know? (breed?)

    She for sure has some Lionhead in her, not really sure what else. How much does she weigh? She is so cute!
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    Bonding vol 2

    @Catlyn, I'm gone for a month and when I get back you have two bonded rabbits?!? No way! I'm so happy for you! I would try to read through all the threads I missed, but since I don't have much time I at least need a summary of who this new bunny is (and of course pictures of both bunnies)!
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    Pop-up/packable hideouts/tunnels?

    I've got this tunnel for Theo and he loves it! Not sure if you can get it in Canada or how much shipping from the states would cost though. Ikea also has lots of pop-up hideyhouses for cats that work great for rabbits too.
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    The joys of being a bunny parent

    Theo recently destroyed my part of my rug which I wasn't that mad about because I need a new one. Though Friday he destroyed my lunch bag for school because I left it in my room when there was still food in it and he loves food. Ugh, I'm only kinda mad because he's too cute!
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    Then and now

    Everyone’s animals are so cute! Here is Theo then (I dont have really good pictures of him as a baby) and now
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    Rabbit Peeing on the floor

    Sorry no one got back to you. Could you put another litter box behind the couch? Or do you not want her to go back there at all?
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    Is anesthesia needed to get blood for blood work?

    Sorry, I'm just now getting back to you, I have been so busy with school and volleyball. He had a bigger dewlap when he was overweight, and then it got smaller on the right side and a little bigger on the left. It is really weird though because some days it seems bigger/more noticeable than...
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    Straight hay horse pellets?

    Thanks for your help! He would mostly just be using them as chew toys. He is overweight and has had some bladder sludge in the past from his diet so I'm gonna stay away from the alfalfa cubes. I might still get the timothy pellets though and give him some in moderation in his treat ball as...
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    Is anesthesia needed to get blood for blood work?

    Thanks for the responses! I'm going to ask the vet to try to get blood from him without the anesthesia and see if it works, but if not I don't think I would mind them using a very very minor sedative just to calm him down a bit. He does seem a little overweight so I am going to talk to the vet...
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    Is anesthesia needed to get blood for blood work?

    Hello! I have been gone for quite some time and I am so happy to be back! Anyway, I have a question about blood work for Theo. Theo is my mini rex rabbit who is now 4 years old. He has never gotten blood work done before and I have been wanting to get it done for a while, but haven't had the...
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    Is it risky to try bonding male rabbits?

    Sorry I have not updated this! I worked 24/7 all summer long and I just started school so I have not had any free time. Just thought I should let y'all know that Jack's parents have not mentioned anything else to me about adopting Jack since I asked on here what y'all thought. I have also not...
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    We had to let Cinder go

    I'm sorry for your loss!
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    Straight hay horse pellets?

    This is sort of off-topic, but I have a question. I've been wanting to get a bag of these for a while now just haven't yet because I don't want to feed Theo too much alfalfa hay. How big are the pellets? Theo prefers the hay cubes because of the size, but Standlee doesn't have an only Timothy...
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    Get to know each other game!

    Prolly Blue Coast Burrito! TPBM is new to the forum?
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    This or That? (game)

    Two year old gelding that needs to be trained Macbook Air or Macbook Pro