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    I have finally found CRAISINS!

    Craisins=crack for bunnies.
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    Cute Rabbit Shirt today(friday) only on Woot.com

    I should also add if you order this shirt be sure to order one size above what you normally wear. Take my word for it.:)
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    Cute Rabbit Shirt today(friday) only on Woot.com

    A cool cute rabbit shirt is available today only onhttp://shirt.woot.com for just 10 bucks. The shirt looks like this:
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    wood stove pellets

    I always get mine at Tractor Supply.
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    Bo B Bunny wrote: I'm sure I do still have the papers for Jose and Ziggy, but actually finding them would mean some serious searching. José the lionhead cannot be shown anymore because of his ear wool is too long. I have never show Ziggy because only white mini-satins are recognized breeds.
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    Thanks to all of you for your good wishes. I just found out my trip to Norfolk has been delayed by a week. While there is certainly no guarantee I will find a job there, the market certainly looks better down there than here in Pittsburgh. I would be foolish to not room with my friend in his...
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    STB:If I move, I won't have to find a place of my own. My friend will be letting me stay with him in his extra bedroom. Dan
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    As many of you know I have been unemployed since January. Next week I will be going to Norfolk, VA to stay with a friend and do some job hunting there. If I do find a job there I will will be staying with my friend at his townhouse. I will not be able to take my rabbits with me. He will not...
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    Oren Reynolds Passes Away

    Oren Reynolds, Decatur, Illinois February 25, 1906 to November 3, 2008 With the passing today of Oren Reynolds the ARBA lost its strongest leader and father. Oren gave his heart and soul to the ARBA his entire life. He had recently struggled with his health but...
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    2008 ARBA Convention

    Does anybody have any results ie best in show, etc.?
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    Bunny Shirt on Woot

    Mine came today. Gonna wear it tomorrow! Dan
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    Mamma Mia

    I loved it! And I also thought The Dark Knight was awful. Dan
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    Cool shirt for rabbit people

    Since it didn't sell out it is still available today for 5 dollars more. Here is the web address you have to use: http://shirt.woot.com/Friends.aspx?k=6198
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    Cool shirt for rabbit people

    There is a very cool rabbit shirt available TODAY ONLY Monday, July 28th on http://shirt.woot.com I have ordered from this site before so I need to tell you be sure to order a size higher than you usually wear. Also if this post against the rules of the forum, feel free to remove it. Dan
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    Any Rabbits Websites?

    My site, All American Rabbit Gazette. http://www.allamericanrabbit.net Thanks.