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    alfalfa for young rabbits (URGENT!)

    If you give her alfalfa based pellets you really don’t need to give her alfalfa hay also. If you know what she was being fed you need to continue that and slowly transition her to anything new. Sudden diet changes in young rabbits can cause gut issues.
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    Breeding challenges

    Dwarf breeds, where netherland dwarfs were used to develop the breed, have a chance of having peanuts. It helps to have pedigrees of the doe and buck where each rabbit generation indicates their weight, also. We bred and raised Polish, which is a dwarf breed (ie- NDs were used on what was...
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    Possible...if he isn’t drinking water you might try syringe feeding him some...maybe it will dislodge it.
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    It could be something stuck in his throat he tried to swallow. Does he have a nasal discharge? If so, he could be developing pneumonia which can be very serious in rabbits.
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    Netherland dwarf doe keeps having stillborn kits??

    Although I never raised ND’s I’ve known others who did and they typically had a harder time with does and successful litters. Some does also just don’t seem to figure out what to do, even after losing their first litter. You could check your feed but the well known brands like Purina, MannaPro...
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    Does rabbits sleep more during winter?

    It can depend on whether the rabbit is inside or outside. Our outside rabbits didn’t necessarily sleep more but they weren’t quite as active. They also ate less when it was cold.
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    dead baby rabbits found while cleanning, had no clue she was pregnant

    I would say you need to remove it. Cold newborns must be warmed pretty quick for them to have a chance of surviving.
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    Switching to 100% Organic Pellets!

    If she’s spayed then I would recommend the Timothy pellets. We found that the critical times when they are most susceptible to gut issues is when they're up to about 1-2 weeks. Then again during weaning and right after (4-6 weeks)...then around 10-11 weeks for a few. It may vary some between...
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    Switching to 100% Organic Pellets!

    As to question 1, if they’re newborns you possibly could transition the doe over the course if a week or two. The kits will start nibbling on the pellets by week 2-3 so changes should be done slowly. Kits are at their most critical time health wise during weaning and for a period right after...
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    Trying to make my underweight bunny gain weight - looking at incorporating oats and black oil sunflower seeds

    Don’t use the quick oats. Use the old fashioned oats and do feed sparingly...maybe a tablespoon. We got black oil sunflower seeds at Tractor Supply or ACE. You can also try a feed store. Again, those should be fed sparingly.
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    Is laminate flooring safe for chewing

    I would be concerned what type of chemicals were used to make them. You should contact the manufacturer for a safety sheet on it.
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    Baby Flemish Giant issues

    Actually, a doe raising kits should be on alfalfa pellets. Him being young, he should also be on the same pellets. You’ll just have to wait and see how he grows. He may hit a growth spurt when his other issues are resolved.
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    Lower Jaw abscess 4 years

    Unfortunately, if it’s spread to the bone there isn’t much else you can do. Jaw abscesses can be tough to clear up, even without bone involvement.
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    Question about Breeder Rules

    As a breeder, we basically had the same rule as most other breeders. The reasons given above are correct. A rabbit sold as a pet is just that and for whatever reason wasn’t show quality. Someone breeding a rabbit petted out contributes to overpopulation and can reflect poorly on that breeder’s...
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    Holland Lop Stillborns :(

    It might also be the buck & doe combination. You could give her one more chance. If she loses the 3rd litter I’d stop trying.