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    New Rabbit Died Suddenly

    I agree with Jbun on most everything said. Without a necropsy you don’t know what caused the death. There’s nothing wrong with a large kennel for an 8 week old Flemish. Young rabbits can get stressed over sudden changes in diet, new environment, etc, and because they’re still developing it can...
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    Are these horse stall pellets safe for bunny litter?

    Our Tractor Supply sells this, and what we use...
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    5 week old sibling rabbits humping each other and a musky smell?

    Based on the photos in your other thread I think they’re a little older than your friend said. At any rate, this is more of a dominance issue. Females can hump, too. You could separate them for a bit while still keeping them close to each other, and then try putting them together again.
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    Baby update

    If the eyes aren’t open by day 14 you can assist to open them. Wash cloth dipped in warm water. Gently wipe it across the slit several times and then gently try to separate the eye lids...don’t apply a lot of pressure though. If it doesn’t work use more warm water, wiping them and try again.
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    HELP ! Doe pulling fur excessively after pregnancy.

    We had a few does who would pull fur at kindling and then pull more a few days later for extra measure lol. We didn’t try to stop them. We just took out the extra fur and saved it for when we had a doe who didn’t pull fur. Also, some does will pull so much fur from their belly and hips they look...
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    Baby bunny update!

    Have you tried giving him some of mom’s cecotropes? They need a good balance of bacteria in their gut to thrive. It may be that there is something wrong with him and he may not make it.
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    Does anybody know what this is called thanks

    It looks like an exercise pen, typically marketed for dogs but can be used for other pets too.
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    Babies are here!

    If you give her rolled oats, get the old fashioned kind. Not really necessary to add a bunch of other things to her bowl. Once she’s nursing them (and it looks like she is) unlimited pellets that are 16% protein, hay, and a little rolled oats should be fine. As long as mom is feeding and taking...
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    baby bunnies

    Sometimes I think a doe instinctively knows when she’s having a kit with defects or isn’t healthy, or is DOA. Some of ours seemed to know that because we’d find malformed or obviously dead ones outside the box and live healthy ones inside the box.
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    Breeding Holland Lops

    It’s not unusual for the first litter to die, but it also depends on the doe’s maturity and age. First time Mom’s don’t always know what to do, especially if they’re under 6 months at kindling. We usually watch the first timers closer in case they have the kits outside the nestbox or don’t pull...
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    Babies are here!

    I would pull some from her belly for a light cover. Until they get hair they are very susceptible to drafts and chills.
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    Keeping cool in the Summer?

    Our cages were close to the house so we were able to run extension cords to them for fans. The one battery powered fan we tried just didn’t put out enough air and had to constantly change the batteries. What helped us was to build a roof above the cages and line it with strips of insulation. It...
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    To cull or not to cull...

    You won’t know right away if a kit has a malocclusion, not until they’ve grown some. It isn’t 100% genetic though. We raised Tans and they can be high strung and very active. A few of them also had a tendency to chew the wire on the cage. Done for long enough it can cause the front teeth to grow...
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    Show Rabbit Diet

    We used Purina Show for our rabbits also. Also, any horse quality hay will work. In our area, coastal hay was easy to get, and cheap, in square bales. For the one finicky rabbit we had, we gave either Timothy or orchard grass.
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    Show Rabbit Diet

    BOSS is typically used to help with condition. We didn’t feed it year round, only during the show season and then maybe a tablespoon occasionally with their pellets. We might also give it to an underweight rabbit to help put on some weight. Otherwise, our show and breeding rabbits got pellets...