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    For bucks, they are fertile longer than does. I would try breeding him if that is your plan.
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    Is this a dewlap?

    If he’s purebred, have you checked the weight standards for his breed?
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    Day 30 nest

    If it’s day 30 then she’s pretty close. Some will pull fur 1-2 days before kindling and some will do it immediately before/after…some first timers don’t pull fur at all 🙁
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    Are cheerios safe for rabbits?

    Cheerios should be given sparingly if you’re going to give it, and only the plain ones. Under stress situations, like going to rabbit shows, we would give a little bit, along with pellets and hay. Actually, from what I see fruit has more grams of sugar than plain Cheerios.
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    vet question

    Many vets who are rabbit savvy are exotic vets. That’s the specialty chosen in vet school if you want to treat rabbits.
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    What type of hay do you feed your rabbits?

    Since we had more than just a few rabbits we used bales of coastal hay for ours. The one picky rabbit we had got orchard grass.
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    Rabbit Pregnancy Problems

    First time moms can be unpredictable in their behavior. Just keep her supplied with plenty of hay and watch her close.
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    Where To buy a nesting box?

    We would get ours from a rabbit supply company, We preferred the wood nestbox over the metal ones
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    Are two tier hutches okay for breeding?

    You’d be surprised how far a newborn kit can go, or climb. Don’t underestimate them. If you can block the ramp such that the doe can jump over it but the kits can’t climb it you should be okay until their eyes are open.
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    Rabbit spraying!

    Actually, in our experience only a few of our intact bucks sprayed. Getting him fixed sooner, rather than later, is best because the longer he does it the more chance it will become a habit that might or might not go away after he’s neutered.
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    Can rabbits eat dried papaya?

    We gave our rabbits papaya tablets during moulting season to help push through hair they digest while grooming. Never had a problem with it.
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    What age is too old for a buck?

    It just depends, but bucks will continue to produce longer than does. If this buck had a litter recently then he should be good to use. Because he may only be productive for another year or two then you shouldn’t have to pay as much as you would for a younger one, IMO.
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    Too soon for a new buck?

    If you have to use a younger buck then it might take a little longer to get her bred. If you know how to correctly palpate then you don’t have to wait the 30 days to see if she took. You can usually safely breed a first time doe until they are a year old, maybe 1 1/2yrs.
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    Too soon for a new buck?

    An alternative is to get an older buck or one that is already proven and just wait until the doe is 6 months old. I’d also make sure your hutch is secure so nothing can get in again.
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    My mini lop had a litter of 6 dead kits

    It’s not unusual for first timers to have a failed litter. It doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be bred again, but since this was accidental you don’t need to try to breed her again.