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  1. MagPie

    My Zoo Cru

    Well, well, I'm still alive and posting a little update. Got in touch with an old owner of Giselle's and I was able to see her pedigree and she's almost 24 in april. we've been having a blast riding and hitting the trails. Lost Merlin almost a year ago. He was having neurological issues that...
  2. MagPie

    What was your first experience like with your new bunny?

    I got Harvey from a friend looking to re-home him. I wasn't really looking for a rabbit at that time (that seems to be a common theme with my animals... :embarrassed: ), in fact I hadn't really thought I wanted a rabbit. My sisters had rabbits. Lops that didn't seem to have a lot of...
  3. MagPie

    ATTN: LOTS of rabbits (N. California)

    UPDATE! Via an email from Sacramento SPCA: SacSPCA in URGENT NEED- Please Help!... In July we received 45 rabbits from a "retired breeder" that had lost her residence. Since then we have continued to take in a steady stream of rabbits either as strays or owner surrenders. Despite our efforts...
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    OOooh she is adorable *grabby hands* hahah Sorry I want a Himi some day.
  5. MagPie

    Does This Happen to Anyone Else?

    Harvey doesn't really like being on me much. But when I'm working in the kitchen he likes to bite my toes so I'll move out of his way. Or sits on my feet while I fix food. Which has caused me to spill food on him. OOooh he also likes jumping on my face when I'm napping, just to startle me...
  6. MagPie

    ATTN: LOTS of rabbits (N. California)

    So last night I got a mass email from a lady who works at my local SPCA in Sacramento (I used to volunteer) that over 50 rabbits got dropped off by a breeder. From the looks of it they are mostly long haired breeds, like lionheads and angoras. So lots of bunnies looking for homes. They are...
  7. MagPie

    Attention in California! Only two days left for Hopscotch! :( (RESOLVED AND UPDATED)

    Oh yay Larry I'm glad he's going to you :) This little guy popped up on my FB and I would have loved to take him (since he's in the same city as me), but I'm at my limit.
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    Cat on couch, rabbit wants to check it out...bad idea?

    Depends on the cats and the rabbit. My rabbit is very much the boss and is not afraid to let the cats know. My older cat loves everyone and rather just sleep. My younger cat did scratch/bite my rabbit when I first got him because my rabbit was chasing the cat. Happened to quick for me to...
  9. MagPie

    Shya-she does what she wants

    Oh good luck over there and be safe. Since I'm a little behind on everything. I also have fishes! Actually a 10 gallon planted tank (dunno what I was thinking). I've had the thing set up for years and it's doing well despite an algae issue I need to work on. For the longest time it had...
  10. MagPie

    My Zoo Cru

    Yeah Harvey and the kitties help a lot too. But something about having a horse after wanting one for sooooo long just makes me giddy. Luckily my trainer is awesome about making it work and board isn't too expensive and I just got a second job so yeah I'm going to be busy haha.
  11. MagPie

    Baby Tans

    OMG you are killing me with their cuteness. You should send one my way XD
  12. MagPie

    I want one but husband says "no"....

    AAaaah I think you need one. Very cute and totally not all that scary haha.
  13. MagPie

    My Zoo Cru

    Thank you! I've been wanting a horse for ages and I had a five year plan. Hahah but my trainer runs a rescue and she's kind of a match maker. Told me the week that Giselle came in, skinny and mud covered, that she would be a good match for me. I laughed and said ok and planned to not really...
  14. MagPie

    SO Sad!!!

    Ooooh Lorelei I used to have a Kenyan Sand Boa, ages ago. Cute little critter but I couldn't get her to eat frozen so it bothered me quite a bit. Ended up rehoming her. They definitely stay small, less than 2 feet. If I get another snake I'm making sure to get one that does eat frozen. I do...
  15. MagPie

    My Zoo Cru

    Wow, I'm really bad at keeping up with this. Harvey's turned into a snuggle bun! Well sort of. Only when he wants to. But eeeeee it is just about the most wonderful thing ever when he does want to snuggle. It doesn't last long but I'll take what I can get. He sat on my chest and let me rub...