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    Ways to get involved with rabbits?

    You could also volunteer to socialize or help out at a rabbit rescue. Smaller groups often need help getting rabbits to veterinary appointments or even just having people to determine how socialized a rabbit is for potential adopters. I'm sure lots of folks would love to show a rabbit enthusiast...
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    When is a rabbit a senior?

    Happy fourth birthday Appollo! While I think some large breeds can be considered seniors as young as four (and not even getting started on the senior designation in show rabbits which is even younger) I would consider senior to be when you start to notice signs of your rabbit appearing more...
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    Fun/Interesting Photos!

    I raise you Neal, acting as an example for the correct way to wear eclipse protection glasses (while he looked cute, our boy unfortunately, had to miss the eclipse as I decided he would be safer in a place where there would be no risk of damage to his eyes)
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    What's Iris' colour?

    Broken fawn maybe, I think orange is a self-color while fawn tends to be blended
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    The most fun and safest option for both of you will likely be some kind of exercise pen instead of a harness and leash. Things can go wrong incredibly quickly with a harness and you will have to be on alert to changes in the environment all the time. In a run/play pen you can lie down in the...
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    Get to know each other game!

    That's a pretty good idea! I use a cleaned-out terra-cotta flower pot as an extra hay bin for the bunnies to steal from! It's functional, cute, and best of all, free! TPBM is interested in adding more varieties of foraged plants to their rabbit's diet
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    Hi some advice on things I might need additional to things I’ve already written down :)

    Rabbit emergencies are expensive man, it always pays to be prepared. Insurence or a scratch pay account cuts the cost and risk down, but an emergency anywhere can wipe you out fast. A broken leg, severe infection, GI stasis... the minimum I always expect for a minor emergency is $300 (in all...
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    Separating buns for medical reasons?

    I would say to follow the vet's advice... health trumps ideal social situation in my books. Especially if there is any risk this is contagious. You can, however, find a way to separate where they aren't totally separate, so to speak. Perhaps using side by side x-pens so they can see and slightly...
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    Get to know each other game!

    How could I ever choose!? I think the series I frequently loop back to is probably the Sight by David Clement-Davies or Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins, or best of all the Monstromologist by Rick Yancy! TPBM what is your favorite book series (great question, ought to be asked again!)
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    Hi! Future bunny mom-have some questions!
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    Hi! Future bunny mom-have some questions!

    In the US the only vaccine that I currently know of that is even slightly approved is the RHDV2 vaccine, which is only available in some regions right now, although will likely become more widespread soon. Globally there are vaccines for RHDV 1 & 2, as well as myxomatosis, however, none of...
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    Hi! Future bunny mom-have some questions!

    I would HIGHLY recommend spaying and neutering, it tends to greatly improve rabbits' general behavior, prevents conditions that could crop up later in life, and is necessary if you were ever to consider getting a second rabbit as a bond. I tend to feel that the earlier you can get it done, the...
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    Paper based cat litter?

    Okocat litter might be what you're looking for, I know it's paper and recycled. Another common one used on here is Yesterday's News
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    ♡Books about rabbits. Fact or fiction♡

    We are failing you by taking so long to remember Buniccula!
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    ♡Books about rabbits. Fact or fiction♡

    Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep... kids' book about a brother and sister bunny named Willa and Willoughby... It is ridiculously cute! More abstractly, Of Mice and Men, which I quote to my rabbits at least once a week