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    Buster does have a small bite wound??????

    thanks for that quick reply! After reading what you wrote, he's FINE! It's pink, and moist, and theskin looks as though it was just a scrape or something like that. I'm not concerened really with it anymore, he seems fine. No yellow,crusties, or green goupy stuff. He's eating, and pooping, ang...
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    Buster does have a small bite wound??????

    Hello, as some of you read in my thread, Busterand Tucker SOME HOW managed to get into the same cage Christmas dayevening, while we were at my dads for dinner. I checked them over, but as you all know rabbits are excellent athiding their wounds. I noticed this morning he was licking one area...
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    Give a shout out!

    :balloons:HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINA BO BINA:balloons: I hope you have the most special things planned for this most special day! all our love, :monkey:'s!
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    No jokes being played here, it's just myself, and the hubby. (human wise) Noone was home... You're right raz, it was a freakin' miracle they are both fine.... Now you see why they are named THE MONKEYS!!!! I won't be keeping them together, as they began fighting again! Little nutballs! I...
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    YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO BELIEVE THIS ONE...... Christmas Day, we went to my dads house for dinner. We left around 2pm,and the rabbits had thier run, and salads, and we weren't going to belate. I cane home to find Buster INSIDE Tuckers cage....:shock2:TheWEIRDER thing of it was, that his cage...
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    Tracking Santa on Christmas Eve...

    What an AWESOME idea! I'll have to tell Peters nefew about it! Thanks Carolyn!:bunnydance:
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    How long per day do you guys have your buns out?

    Emma lves cage free in her and the babies room. Buster and Tucker each get 6hrs a day free time. Tucks gets 8am-2pm, and Buster gets 2pm-8pm. Tucker is a morning bunny, all hyper and crazy, while Buster sleeps late. So it works out real well this way... :monkey:'s!
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    Bunny eyesite

    Buster and Tucker DO NOT like me wearing myhouse coat. They run and thump, So i'm with Lissa on this one. I thinkthey go by shapes, sounds, and smells. I know when I first got pregnant, Buster, Tucker and Emma all reacteddiffrently. Emma LOVED and still loves the belly area. niffing andnudging...
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    YAY! You're BACK! :elephant::bunnydance::elephant::bunnydance::elephant::bunnydance::elephant::bunnydance:
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    A Gift for Sebastian's Little Girl With Love from her Forum Family

    UMMMMMM, WHERE'S MY INVITE??????:waiting: LMBO! Just kidding kiddo! I'm so very glad you got your tub, and it makes you feel so good... I couldn't think of a more deserving little angel. all my love, :monkey:'s!
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    Well it's been a while, and I thought Iwould post you this AWESOME news!!!! Last night, well actually 2 am, PETER FELT THE BABY FOR THE FIRSTTIME!!!! He was SOOOO excited! Then right after a couple of jabs, shegot the hiccups! That was another first for me! At first we thought shewas just...
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    A Gift for Sebastian's Little Girl With Love from her Forum Family

    Hey angel girl! Sorry to hear you've not been too well... Buster, Tucker, Emma, and Daytona, all send their love to you. I hope you got to use your tub last night! I've got some bad asthma, and it can be scarry not being able tobreathe all that well eh? But with Sebbie, and that SUPER MOM of...
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    A Gift for Sebastian's Little Girl With Love from her Forum Family

    YAY!!!!!!:elephant::bunnydance::colors: When can I come over?????:waiting: all my love angel!:kiss:
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    TINA BO BINA! I do hope you get well REAL soon! Leave it to you to find the pair of boots layin' around where they shouldn't!:disgust: I've got some bad knees myself, all yah' can do is rest up. Get well before Christmas my dear friend... :bouquet: all my love, Lyndsy
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    RaspberrySwirl's Home Thread

    RAZ! I'm sorry I missed your birthday! :balloons:HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU! :balloons: Love yah! :monkey:'s!