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    Buck Jones Died

    Omg. I have missed so much. This is the first i have heard about this. I didnot even no he was unwell. Buck Jones was...amazing. He always answeredmy questions whenever i asked with useful answers and tips. Hiscontributions were many and we are all better people and owners forknowing him. I...
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    Sorry im late! I remembered this morning! howrandom! Well just lyk 2 say Happy birthdayCarolyn Loadza love and birthday wishes! Loz and the rabbits. xXxXx how old are you 21?:P
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    i need a nickname

    Id call him norbet personally but thats just me. Chester cud be: chester chess chessy cheese cherry berrypest flospy (ears) and erm etc
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    Second Rabbit

    If its a girl your best bet is to get a boy rabbit as girls and boys get along best.
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    Questions on whether or not to spay...

    erm anyone know what to do bout sephy? She hasripped out lots of her fur and has put it in her bedding. Is it ok forme to take out her bedding on that side of the cage? Shes not pregnant.
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    Questions on whether or not to spay...

    Getting your rabbit spayed is definatley worthit. I cant remember the exact problem but isnt there a high risk ofyour rabbit getting cancer if you dont have the operation. Somethinglike that. Better to be safe then sorry. Im not to sure about the pricethough. I have a question of my own. Sephy...
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    LOZ- any 1 heard?

    *waves* *smiles*
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    Photos for Loz n Ebony

    BunnyMommy wrote: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Thank you so much BunnyMommy forposting these pictures and resizing them so they fit. I finallly gota chance to have a look on the website and I saw this post!Sadly these are the only pictures I have of Ebony. 3 of them.She was aveeeeeeeeeeery...
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    First Aid kit Medical Supplies

    Bumping back up cos its useful.
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    Music Files

    Erm Dunno why, thought i might bring it back.
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    Your bunnys and breeds

    OK people I wana see ALL of your rabbits andunder the picture say what breed it is. If you dont know then someonewill tell you what breed it is. I think it will be really interestingto seelearn all about breeds and could come in useful whentrying to work out what breed your bunny is. Ill start...
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    My bunny (Fluffy)used to have that. Ithink it was because the root of a tooth was pushing up into his eye.They tried to remove it but couldnt. So we had to inject himeverydayand give him eye drops. He was 9 when he got it. Luv loz
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    Loz and Ebony - So Sorry!

    Hewo everyone, thank you so much for all your kind words, they mean so muchto me. As many ofyou know its so hard losing a pet, i hadnteven had her for a year and it seems like only yesterday when Fluffydied. It brought back so many memories of him. Oh ive gone right off track! *ahem* as I was...