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    Blog for the Bun-Buns!

    Is Kenosha very far from you? My cousin Gary lives there.Who won the match? Sammie is just like Pepper. I think there are distant twins. If you put together you won't know who's who :)
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    Blog for the Bun-Buns!

    You lead a busy life with all those lovely pets you have.:D
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    Cinnamon the Cinnabun's Bunderful Life

    You have an adorable bunny.:D
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    New here

    Hi and welcome to RO.:D
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    A happy bunny/ies

    We all love our little bunny/ies! The question is. When is your bunny/ies is the most happiest and what do he/she do when being excited? When she is out of her cage scattering around the house and. the hops, jumps. twists her body as she dose I know that she is a happy and contented and I...
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    How old is your bunny?

    Pepper is not a year old yet, she's still a baby only 9 months old.:D
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    Pepper being very naughty

    Thank you all. Little devil bit me yesterday as I was taking out her food bowel to refill it with pellets. I have more pictures of her. I love my cuddles Being camera shy Phew they stink get the airfreshner out me being out side for the first time and I like more grass to nibble on and...
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    Pepper being very naughty

    Wabbitdad12 wrote: You're properly right there. She's telling to start decotating in the room she's in :biggrin2:
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    Pepper being very naughty

    As she got older she has become more docile and her behaviour is not so bad as it was when we had when she was a few mouths old.
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    Pepper being very naughty

    Oh is he. Have you got any photos of him? But them together and could be brother and sister :D
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    Video of Rabbit Giving Birth

    What amazing video. I've never seen the birth of the little kittens being born. Now I had a chance to see thanks to you.
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    Live Owl Cam.

    Oh wow she has two little chics.A big thank you.
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    Pepper being very naughty

    It all started with my Step daughter having 2 little bunnies. I wanted one then so fiend of mine suggested to go to the pet shop near me which was around the corner from me. So I went the shop and I had seen 4 baby bunnies which I fell in love with all, but I had to choose one. I had put my had...
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    I've close my account on there. I didn't find that impressive tell you truth
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    Clipping claws

    Oh an interesting info you gave me thanks