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    Scabs & bald patches

    i don’t think he’s attacking her (although i can’t be sure because i’m at college during the day) they seem to get on quite well and have never fought before. also the scabs are quite hard to see as she has quite thick fur and isn’t too happy being held up for too long
  2. lola the lionhead

    Scabs & bald patches

    my female bunny is about a year old and lives with her brother (both neutered about 3 months ago) and i’ve recently noticed a few scabs/sores on her. the first was quite large, spreading from the bottom of her neck/top of her shoulder, down to the top of her leg, and seemed to appear quite...
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    rehoming :(

    i only got my bunnies about 2 months ago but i feel like i shouldn’t have. I haven’t bonded with these buns the same as i did with my last bunny, and i feel like i only got them because i missed her. but now i keep comparing them to her, and getting annoyed when they behave differently. neither...
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    How to Deal With Mess?

    they used to use a litter box when they were just in the cage, but now i’ve let them in the pen they’ve stopped using it. i’ve tried retraining them by keeping them in the cage but they are so noisy and chew the cage bars until i let them out. i don’t mind this in the day but at night it makes...
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    How to Deal With Mess?

    hi! i recently got 2 new bunnies after my last bunny passed away. they live in a large cage attached to an exercise pen so they always have room to run and play, but they always make a LOT of mess? i don’t mind inside the enclosure as i clean every day anyway, but they’ve got into a habit of...
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    1st time bunny owner

    an x pen or large pen is the best environment for bunnies if you can’t have them free roam all the time. my bunnies have a large cage attached to a big pen but they only go in the cage when they have to (when i’m cleaning or moving the pen around). this way they can have room to run around...
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    Your Pets

    hey! i have one bunny Lola, who i got for free about 6 months ago from a second hand website! i also have 3 spaniels, abbie shadow and monty. i have a horse, flynn and my mum has another horse! plus the farm cat bella, who we rescued off a road when she was a kitten (the mother and other kittens...
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    loud breathing

    my bunny breathes really loud. every breath is almost like a squeak/ kind of grunt or some kind of really loud wheezing? she used to do it occasionally but lately it has got much worse. when i stroke just above her nose and she breathes in, it’s almost like bones crunching too. this may be...
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    how to catch my bunny?

    lola is a house bunny and in summer we let her in her outdoor run during the day. sometimes we let her have free roam of the garden (we block off the gates and check fences so she is safe) but when we try to get her back, we end up chasing her as she refuses to come back to us. we eventually do...
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    Rabbit not cleaning herself?

    she will not eat hay :( i have tried using branded hay, dandelion hay and also hay from our field, but she will not eat it. i have tried to hand feed, ive put it in her bedroom/ cage and also used a hay rack, but either way she will not touch it. is there an alternative?
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    Rabbit not cleaning herself?

    thank you! she eats tropical mix, it is just what our local feed supply reccomended. as for how much, i just fill the bowl daily and leave yesterday’s in, and give her a completely fresh bowl twice a week. she leaves some parts that she doesn’t like, but usually she eats the whole bowl. could...
  12. lola the lionhead

    Rabbit not cleaning herself?

    ive had my bunny lola for around 6 months, she’s two years old now. when i first got her she kept clean all the time and peed/pooped in a corner of her cage. lately she’s not been cleaning her bum. she cleans her face and body when she is out of her cage (we let her out around 6 hours a day)...