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  1. Liz Talley

    Switching a bunny off parrot food

    Oh my...I'd swear we have the same mom, haha! My mom doesn't have a bunny though--at least not anymore. My mom is a (retired) Italian baker and she will feed people and any animal anything that makes them happy--at almost 70, I know she will never change. My parents used to watch my bunnies...
  2. Liz Talley

    My Little Man Bam Bam

    Oh, I am so sorry to hear your sweet furbaby has passed. Thanks for sharing your story though--really made me teary eyed. Your rabbits are so lucky to have had you in their lives to love and cherish them.
  3. Liz Talley

    My 8 year old went to Rainbow Bridge

    So sorry to hear you lost your sweet baby. I do believe they try to wait it out to say good-bye to us. My heart rabbit of ten years passed away a year ago, and I knew she was bad off around 2 a.m. in the morning and had plans to take her to the vet as soon as he opened that morning. My...
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    Free Roam Buns In House Questions!!!

    My Precious has always been a sweetie, but it was a couple months because we got lots of nose bumps and kisses. She became REALLY happy once she had roam of the house. Runs around, binkies, will run up to me, and she chooses where to hang out (either her pen or dog crate). I put her in her...
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    Please help - My wonderful rabbit Niblet recently died

    Really sorry to hear about the loss of your bunny. I lost my heart bunny a year ago and know how precious they are to all of us on here. My sincere condolences....
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    Need a little support

    I'm so sorry for your loss, and I understand. My heart bunny died last August and I still cry often for her although I can control it a bit better now. I can't even replace her beautiful face as the screensaver on my phone. I had my Lily for ten years and she was my little girl. I adopted a...
  7. Liz Talley

    Aggressive digging bun :(

    My nineteen month old, spayed female is a digger and chewer. She's also a rescue and came out of a filthy rabbit hoarding situation when she was five months old. I've had many rabbits and have never seen anything quite like it. She's not aggressive and has never bitten me, but she has grunted...
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    Thinking of getting a new bunny after my bunny passed away!

    I was in exactly your position a year ago--my sweet Lily that I had adopted from the SPCA ten years ago passed away from uterine cancer. I was devastated. She was my only pet and I am home alone a lot given my husband works a crazy job in law enforcement. I was SO alone and overcome with...
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    Our sweet Bella passed away!

    I am so sorry to hear this. You were doing the right thing though. I adopted a two year old rescue doe back in 2007 and she wasn't spayed. She had the most loving personality and I didn't want to spay her because I feared she would change...or even pass away. Sadly, uterine cancer took her...
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    Natasha Rabbitova has passed away.

    I am so sorry to hear this. I lost my twelve year old rabbit this time last year and I am still not over it. She was the sweetest, gentlest girl. These adorable bunnies steal our hearts and become such a big part of our lives.
  11. Liz Talley

    Rabbit licks everything!

    My silly girl is a 1.5 years and spayed. She is a big licker!! She also licks the floor if I pet her or talk to her. It's like a natural response. She even licks the air--just sticks her head up and licks!