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    Does anyone know any good books for Lionhead breeders?

    There was a really good book I heard of a while ago that helped explain the genetics of Lionhead rabbits and how to breed them successfully, but I forgot it’s name. I believe it was by the ARBA, but I’m not sure. It was supposedly really informative for beginners. Does this sound familiar to...
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    Anyone have a rabbit that is NOT spayed/neutered, and HAPPY the way they are?

    Yep! None of mine or neutered or spayed. Don’t plan to either unless for I have to for medical reasons.
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    Need help with breeding my doe

    Rabbits are induced ovulaters. Unlike other animals, they don’t have heat cycles. Does will only come into heat if stimulated by a buck. Try mating her a few times one day and then put them in separate cages next to each other, and try again the next day. She’ll likely be in heat by then. If...
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    I need advice on my next dwarf bunny, are Single Mane Lionheads extinct?!!

    Where I live it’s the Single Manes that are Pedigree. Here Double manes are not desirable. I think it just depends on the state.
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    Help! Chewing and digging...

    Most buns love to chew and dig. It’s part of their base instincts. It can’t really be stopped unless you remove what they’re going at, give them something else that would distract them, or put up a physical barrier between them and where they’re trying to dig/chew.
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    What coloring is my buck? And what should I breed him with?

    This is Mr. Hyde. I’m looking for a doe and am going to be breeding him soon, and I’m curious what color he is called and what colors he would go best with. I’ve done a bit of research and from what I’ve researched I believe he’s called a Chinchilla, but I don’t know for sure. I know some color...
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    How do I calm my bunny down?

    I know:( I would love to bring him inside permanently, but my mom won’t allow it. He normally has his mate out there with him, but I’ve had to pull her inside temporarily due to her being ready to give birth any day now.
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    How do I calm my bunny down?

    He was already matured when we got him. It’s not his natural personality.
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    How do I calm my bunny down?

    He hit puberty before I got him. He’s around 8-10 months now.
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    How do I calm my bunny down?

    Neutering isn’t an option because I’m going to breed him. But I could definitely spend some more time with him. It’s just puzzling because my doe is completely friendly, and yet she gets held less than he does. Maybe it’s just his personality to be more nervous and nippy than her?
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    How often do you clean your rabbit's cage and litter?

    I have a hutch, 2 cages and a big enclosure for my 2 buns, so it takes a while for it to get dirty enough to clean. Probably every 2 weeks I go threw and clean everything out.
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    How do I calm my bunny down?

    My little buck has become almost feral and will grunt and kick when I pick him up. When I got him he was super docile, but now he runs away from me and lunges if I stick my hand in his cage. I’m suspecting it might be that he’s stressed out, due to the fact that his hutch and enclosure are...
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    Advise please - rebounding male litter mates

    Bucks are naturally aggressive towards each other. Even when neutered. They got along because they were still babies, but I really don’t know if they’ll get along as adults now. Could definitely work, but also might not. I hope they do though. Best of luck!