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    QUESTION - What do you think of this breed?!

    I do not own any and never have. I do have a jersey wooly though and HATE the coat on that rabbit. It is constantly matted and there is no way to groom her. I personally would not get one because of the grooming. I am partial to Mini Rex because I was a breeder of them for 4 years and still have...
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    pet beds

    I am looking for a CHEAP pet bed to test out with my rabbits. Today I went to 3 stores including walmart, tractor supply, and dollar general and was unable to find a pet bed for under $10. I need one that costs at most $5 because I am not sure if my rabbits will like it. Does anybody have a link...
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    2013 Westminster Dog Show

    I watch it sometimes but did not even know about it this year. I am always disapointed that the dachshunds never place or make it to BIS round.
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    I am curious about the possibility of owning ferrets and rabbits in the same house

    Sawyer looks like a cross between my neighbors 2 ferrets Sneakers and Wooby. She also had rabbits but I am not sure if she had them at the same time. That neighbor kept her ferrits in a wire and wood hutch with a wire floor. She never took care of them or the rabbits. None of the animals (other...
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    need recomendations on litter box

    I am thinking about switching litter boxes for my girls (mini rex and Jersey Wooly). I keep seeing these litter boxes and was wondering if anyone uses them and with any luck. I am currently using a 21"x16"x5" litter box.
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    Pooping outside of box

    The reason the hay is in the box is because that is the only way they will eat the hay (I have tried LOTS of hay racks). It would not bother me if most of the poops were in the box, but there are about 50 poops outside of the box each time. My girls used to be just about perfect with both pee...
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    Monty, my [big] baby bunny 2012

    SOO cute. Just getting caught up. I have been watching your videos when you post them on youtube.
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    Pooping outside of box

    They have been pooping in the same place for a couple of months and I have only been using the wood pellets for 3 days. They were doing the same thing with the yesterdays news.
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    Baby Tans

    SOO cute :) Sorry that you lost some :( It is just the way that it goes sometimnes.
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    That is NOT a good price for that cage. I think that you would be better off building your own or hiring someone to build one. Cages are NOT complicated to build and can often be built with spare bits and pieces that you have laying around. Also get creative and come up with unusual uses for...
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    Best pellet for angoras?

    I would look into Purina. I fed that for 4 years when I showed rabbits. When I got Shiny Things back and got Beauty I went with a timothy based pellet per recommendations on here, but am switching back to alfalfa based because I get better results with it. Not to mention that alfalfa is WAY cheaper.
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    Facial Rubbing?

    The chinning and rubbing is perfectly normal and is your bunnies way of marking things as his. As for the carpet thing I do not know what to tell you. Both of my girls do the same thing and I do not know how to stop it. I agree with Lisa, is your bow Neutered? That will fix things more than...
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    I take nest boxes out at day 14 when the weather is decent and 3 weeks when the weather is cold. I agree with wendymac about putting a pile of hay in the cage to keep the babies warm if they will not stay in the box. Another option is to make it more difficult for the babies to get out of the...