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    Tragic bunny story :(

    Yah that’s not correct, which is not your fault! You take an animal to the vet and listen to what they say, they should know. I’m the kind that would call the vet and tell them what happened, explain what they were fed and ask what could’ve happened. Was it an exotic vet? Most small animal vets...
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    I need a bit of suggestion on doe names

    I’m not a people person either, bothers my kids more than it does me lol. I can sit by myself at their games, go on walks by myself, stay at home all weekend by myself, go to the mall by myself... unless I have the kids that is. Just never bothers me, I can even go to eat by myself. Of course I...
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    Good rabbit treats? ( not homemade )

    What kinds of veggies do you give her? They should only eat certain kinds, no iceberg lettuce or anything acidic like ripe tomatoes. Just curious as I just looked up a LONG list of what to give and not to give. Mine love cilantro and kale, baby spinach too!
  4. Help with my bunny!

    Help with my bunny!

    Pam looks like he can’t move his back legs very good, just keeps getting worse and no vets open around me!
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