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    Help - Babies badly injured **

    sometimes, if kits get dragged out of the nestbox (hanging on to mom's teats) they get cold. Sometimes mom wants to clean up to prevent predation of the other kits. SOMETIMES she doesn't wait for the kits to be completely dead to start the clean-up process. If she's a first-time mom, she...
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    What colour is my holland lop?

    she could simply be some "oddball" colour from poor breeding. She doesn't look like a blue otter to me. Does she have a triangle of brown behind her head. She looks more like an opal.
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    Nest box size

    that's 16 inches deep! That's as long as what a large breed rabbit uses. Seriously... they only need it to be 10 inches long. sit your holland lop in a box, add one inch all around. long boxes encourage does to foul the box OR sit in the box and smother them.
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    Nest box size

    yes. it works perfectly for most. Some need a bit smaller.
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    Nest box size

    8 x 10
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    Need a guide to care for newborn rabbits

    1. let rabbit do her job. don't intervene unless necessary. Sometimes takes three days for milk to come in. Babies can survive that long. 2. don't be afraid to foster from one rabbit to another. 3. save fur from any failed litters to give other does who don't pull enough. 4. give the...
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    Why did my bunny pass away? :(

    size wise probably about 8-10 weeks. Sometimes it's hard to know why bunnies die, particularly when it's completely unexpected. As prey animals, sometimes they just die and we don't know why.
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    Very weird poop? Help!

    could simply be a matter of hormones messing with how his poops come out. I wouldn't worry on them.
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    Very weird poop? Help!

    how old is your bunny? Growing up? Aging?
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    What are pedigrees needed for (besides breeding)?

    This statement in all of this caught my attention: If somebody is going to be unethical enough to breed a rabbit that shouldn't be bred, I don't think a lack of a legit pedigree is going to stop them. Not all rabbits produced "breed worthy" specimens. I've seen it more than once where two...
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    What are pedigrees needed for (besides breeding)?

    sometimes pet people just want the pedigree. Seriously. either it's because they want to know more about who mom and dad/grandparents etc are, sometimes it's to keep their options open if they decide to breed down the road, sometimes it's idle curiosity. Doesn't really matter. If people...
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    How can I get my rabbit to stop wasting so much hay?

    feed less hay. Seriously. it's the best way to get them to not waste it as much. :)
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    What age can rabbit live to?

    oldest I had was 13
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    Will my underweight rabbit have a bad diet?

    there's nothing wrong with feeding your rabbit a good pellet in their diet. Pellets are nutritionally balanced. But options if you don't want to feed pellets: BOSS, oats, various grains (not corn), alfalfa hay, don't forget you need to provide trace nutrients and feed a wide variety of plants.
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    Could grass/digging mats cause sore hocks?

    sore hocks are caused by two things 1. genetics (poor furring on feet) 2. wet conditions if the mat isn't wet, he'll be fine.