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    AZ Rabbit Savvy Vets

    I (finally)found a wonderful rabbit specialist!!! YAY!! If you are looking in Tucson, Arizona, he owns the Central Animal Hospital at 3113 North Country Club. South of Speedway on Country Club (behind Chuy's). A wonderful, clean facility. AND in addition to all of his credentials, he is a great...
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    :D These are great pics, y'all! Great thread! LOVE it :)
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    It was also suggested to me (from my vet) that in addition to all of the reasons listed here, baths are a bad idea because the rabbit will lick it's fur excessively which might lead to extreme hairballs...
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    Heartfelt Condolences To Jen/Cirrustwi

    Oh my dear, Jen. I am terribly sorry. Crying for you and thinking of your family. Please keep us posted. I am so, so sorry.
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    What does your Dutch weigh?

    LuvaBun wrote: :colors:AHAHAHA! Thanks Jan! Your muscle man is so funny! Hugs! Krick and Shorty & Star
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    What does your Dutch weigh?

    Shorty weighs 6.5 pounds. The vet says he is not fat, just large. She explained where his fatty deposits would be if he were to be fat, and he has no 'fat pockets.' I am so happy she says he isn't fat. But, he IS longer than his sister and much less active than his sissy. Vet also said that...
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    What does your Dutch weigh?

    naturestee wrote: He is SOLID! I can feel some definition of his back, legs and ribs. But, oh my, he sure is big! I don't understand! I have had him on a diet for 4 months and no weight loss. :(
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    What does your Dutch weigh?

    Akkatia wrote: I know how much Dutches should weigh. He HAS been on a diet for 4 months (no treats). Hence the vet visit. If I cant help him lose weight on my own, then I am hopeful the vet can put him on an effective diet. And he has free run for about 12 hours a day, but he mostly...
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    Do other bunnies guard?

    Shorty guards all of the hay and pellets. I guess to be SURE the cat doesn't get to it :?
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    What does your Dutch weigh?

    I am so nervous! Shorty (my overweight couch potato bun) has his 'diet' vet appointment tomorrow. I swear I think he weighs 7 pounds!:shock: His sister proably weighs about 4 pounds. I am scared my vet will think I am a bad bunny mum. So let's hear it, how much does your dutch weigh?
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    bunny's worst habits

    When Shorty gets INTO the fireplace. Bad bunny! Bad, BAD, soot-covered bunny :?
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    Traveling to the Vet

    In regards to a visit to the vet's office, is it true I should not separate two bonded partners? Shorty has an appointment to discuss his overeating and weight problem with the doctor. I read somewhere that two bonded partners should never be separated even for trips to the vet. I guess my...
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    Anal Scent Glands

    :thanks:Y'all for your comments. For those of you that do this sort of cleaning, how often does it need to be done? I will check the bunny butts each day, but I am just wondering how often I will get the pleasure of tending to this special task :dunno:
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    Anal Scent Glands

    I finally had the pleasure of cleaning Shorty's scent glands.:X I do believe I might be scarred for life. Cannot get the smell out of my nose. Nor can I get the look on his face out of my mind... Anyhoo...can anyone explain why he needed his glands cleaned and his sister's scent glandslook...
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    My mom is alergic to bunnies

    Hey, DanzaDanza, Is your Mom able to go to an allergist? Perhaps a doctor can pinpoint her allergies and she can get allergy shots so as she won't suffer from allergies regarding rabbits and pet dander...? Just a thought. I just went and got the skin-prick test and found out that I am not...