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    Does My Rabbit Love Me?

    My buns is a constant licker however I think he hates me and he doesn't really greet me, isn't happy to see me and is constantly nipping me. I feel as if he has a new personality every week (he's 11 months old/neutred at 6 months) ... 🤷‍♀️ Everybun is so different!
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    2020 Indoor Cages... add your photo!

    Elliot is only 11 months (he was neutered at 6 months). We live in British Columbia Canada! Elliot is still in his adolescent destruction phase and I have 2 dogs so free roaming isn't an option since we all share a space. I am always looking for new ideas and ways to make his home better however...
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    Canada winter friendly outdoor tunnel for Flemish

    Hi, my name is Kelly and I lived in Northern Saskatchewan for 8 years (West of Prince Albert). I had 1 bunny that my husband wanted me to have outside but the temperatures are just so cold out there that I ended up moving him inside (he got really depressed and even with a heat lamp it was too...