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  1. kirstin

    Very Thin Rabbit

    I have a 2 year old Holland Lop doe who is quite thin. At a glance you wouldn't think so because she's a fuzzy, but when you run your hand along her spine, it's quite boney and bumpy. She's not real interested in her pellets and will just flip the dish over. She eats most of her hay and seems to...
  2. kirstin

    Weepy Eye?

    The problem cleared itself up on it's own actually. Thanks though. :)
  3. kirstin

    Weepy Eye?

    Uh oh. Those teeth don't look so great. The front teeth should be in front, and it looks like both the top and bottom are longer than they should be. I had a bunny like that. You're gonna need to take that one to vet so they can grind them down a bit. :( Poor bun.
  4. kirstin

    Very Fast Breathing

    This helps quite a bit. Thanks guys.
  5. kirstin

    Very Fast Breathing

    She hadn't been active at all before... could it just be how they perspire?
  6. kirstin

    Weepy Eye?

    After feeding the buns this morning, I checked her eye and it's cleared up on it's own. Interesting. Thanks for the help though guys!
  7. kirstin

    Weepy Eye?

    The eye itself appears clear. The pink part that frames the eye seems redder than usual, but the white part of the eye is not bloodshot or anything. I haven't been able to upload pictures. Thanks for the help so far.
  8. kirstin

    Weepy Eye?

    The discharge seems clear. It's more liquid-y than goopey. By Saline flush, do you mean eye drops or contact solution? The kind that people use?
  9. kirstin

    Very Fast Breathing

    I took one of my female Hollands (about 2 years old) inside the house today for a couple hours, and as she was laying on the couch, her nose would twitch so fast that her ears and head would look as though they were vibrating. Her body language didn't show much stress, perhaps a little, but she...
  10. kirstin

    Weepy Eye?

    One of my female Hollands (about a year old) has been leaking some kind of liquid out of her right eye for a couple days now. It doesn't seem too serious, but the poor thing looks like she's crying out of one eye. Should I wait to see if it worsens? What even causes this?
  11. kirstin

    Two Sweet Hollands From Colorado Need New Home!

    Hullo all, I've got two female Hollands, both under 3 years old that need a new, loving home. One is fixed, and the other is scheduled to be fixed. I've got a BEW (Blue-Eyed White), and a Black Tort. They've both had litters before, and were wonderful mothers. I'm due to have a baby girl in...
  12. kirstin

    Tings I do dat dwive my mommy cwazy!

    I give my mommy licks. Ima good bunny. Err usually... ;)
  13. kirstin

    Lop ear issue

    Yep. No need for salt licks or anything like that. I own a few Hollands, and they do just fine without. Make sure you are feeding lots of hay! =)
  14. kirstin

    I'm SO Angry - Head Tilt Death

    I have a rabbit with head tilt or "wry neck". The actual causes of head tilt are so numerous that it can take weeks for a vet to isolate the problem and decide on a med that will work long-term. I'm so sorry for your loss. :(
  15. kirstin


    This particular vet isn't exactly rabbit-savvy... he works with livestock and cats/dogs more. That's the last time I go to him to get bunnies fixed. :P