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    Pregnant doe weight

    It depends on the breed and how much food she gets daily.
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    Urgent: jumping

    You may want to get a higher pen. Maybe look for one for large dogs, or connect two to make a really high one if needed
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    Bonded bunnies fighting

    bonded bunnies sometimes do fight every once and a while. It’s like every other human couple. Every now and then there is going to be a fight, but they’ll makeup afterwards.
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    Bonded bunnies fighting

    Did the cage that you are using upstairs used to belong to one of the rabbits? It could be a territorial issue, if they are doing fine In a place they haven’t been before. Try washing everything in the upstairs cage and moving it, if you can. Maybe start separating them at night for a little...
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    Desperately need help please

    If the female seems to be having no trouble feeding and caring for them, then I would leave them with her. From the way that you are describing them, it doesn’t seem like they will make it. It’s very sad to hear but you can only hope for the best. I wish you luck with your new babies! If you...
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    Desperately need help please

    Is the mom still taking care of them?
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    That’s great! Just in case, I would still set up an appointment with the vet if something is going on, but if you think he okay, then great! I’m glad he’s better! Have a hoppy day!
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    After neutering care

    I would go ahead and leave him alone for now. If by tomorrow you see he hasn’t eaten or drank anything on his own, i would contact your vet. Getting that medicine would probably help with the pain, so try getting that asap. He should be good for now as long as he has something in his stomach...
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    After neutering care

    How long has it been since he was neutered?
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    What breed is my bunny?

    You are probably right. I am not the best at figuring out rabbit breeds. If you really want to know for sure what breed he is, you can go to your rabbit vet to have him tested. Good luck with your new rabbit!
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    After neutering care

    Sounds good. I will hope for the best for him!
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    Truck Driving, Traveling for long distances Question

    It depends on how your rabbit acts around the truck. You may want to drive around a bit with him and see how he acts. Bunny proofing the truck would be ideal, and you will want to make sure he gets plenty of exercise outside the truck. I would check with your rabbit vet and see what they think...
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    After neutering care

    It’s good that he got something in him. He is probably in pain and just wants to be left alone to sleep. Is there any way to contact your vet to get some medicine? It will make a lot of the pain go away
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    After neutering care

    Did the vet give you medicine to give him afterwards? Some rabbits won’t feel like doing anything after a surgery, and I wouldn’t be absolutely worried unless he hasn’t eaten anything for the next 24 hours. Has he drank anything?
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    Rabbit names

    My rabbits names are Biscuit, Sasha, Frosty, and Cody.