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  1. katlupe

    Rabbit with broken leg. In a big dilemma.

    My rabbit broke his leg by being stepped on by a horse. It was just hanging there, like not connected, in the skin. He was a stray that I could never get a hold of and stayed in my barn. There was no way I could afford a vet so after some investigating online, I read about a bunny owner who kept...
  2. katlupe

    Well that was unexpected

    I paid $150. here in NY and I thought that was a lot.
  3. katlupe

    Bunny cage - Room for improvement?

    My bunny's litter box is in his cage but I never close him up in it. I have the door fastened to stay open. He is not as active at night as he used to be, but he is 7 years old now. He actually has 5 different places to sleep in this small studio apartment. I know he would make all kinds of...
  4. katlupe

    The Rabbit Community

    I find that is how people are on all topics on fakebook. Not here though. This forum is very helpful and pleasant.
  5. katlupe

    Different sized rabbit poops?

    My bunny, "Rabbit" had very tiny dried up poop for the longest time. But he also had sticky globs of cecotropes. I changed his diet due to that condition. By doing that his poop has become normal now. I was feeding him oats as he would not eat pellets at all. I should not have fed him oats and I...
  6. katlupe

    When is your bunnies' "year with us" anniversary?

    Rabbit was in my horse barn on September 9, 2014 and was wounded by an owl who must have dropped him near my house. I could not get a hold of him to doctor him and he stayed in the barn until he got stepped on by my horse. Then I got him inside and he healed. That was in February 2015 so he was...
  7. katlupe

    Intermittent Soft Cecotropes

    Thank you for the links. Even though he is back to normal now (or what I think normal is) I like to read everything I can about it. I now smile every day when I clean his litter and see that normal poop.
  8. katlupe

    Intermittent Soft Cecotropes

    I had never read anything anywhere about ISC (Intermittent Soft Cecotropes) until someone on this forum (sorry, I can't find the thread today) posted a link to an article about it. I could not believe sounded like exactly what was wrong with my bunny! Well, I printed it out and...
  9. katlupe

    What breed is your rabbit(s)?

    I put hearts on all of your pictures because I never see a rabbit I don't love. Here is a picture of "Rabbit" who is a Californian and is now 6 years old. I took this picture this morning when he was helping me clean our apartment.
  10. katlupe

    What breed is your rabbit(s)?

    My bunny is a Californian,
  11. katlupe

    Have any of you noticed people act weird towards you because of the COVID-19

    I haven't been out of my apartment in four days because I caught a cold from my boyfriend. We are in the age group where we are supposed to be real careful. I am usually healthy so I am not too worried about it. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and will see what my doctor says. Though my...
  12. katlupe


    I am old compared to most of you! 67! But I don't normally think of myself in those terms. I live with my bunny boy, "Rabbit" and have had him as a house rabbit for 5 years, though he showed up at my old house house almost 6 years ago. I think being friends with people of all ages is really...
  13. katlupe

    Rabbit spay? Told by vet she cannot eat before they surgery??

    When I had "Rabbit" (that's his name) neutered the vet's receptionist told me not to feed him anything from midnight on. I had researched getting him neutered due to not having a rabbit specialist vet in my area and I knew that was not right. I took a chance and let him eat his hay. Talking to...
  14. katlupe

    Broken leg...options?

    No, because it was just hanging there, like part of it was not connected to the rest. He was stepped on a by a big horse. Those first days, I kept him in a big box with hay in it and he stayed pretty still. When the cage arrived, he just kind of laid in the corner looking out the glass doors...
  15. katlupe

    Broken leg...options?

    Oh I am so sorry you went through that. One reason I never told anyone before that I did this with Rabbit is due to how horrible people react when you don't take your pet to the vet. I have found throughout the years though, that is not always the best option for your pet. I doctored many cats...