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    Sexing my 8 week olds

    Can anyone help with these 3 so I can double check myself. I posted to one of my Facebook groups and 2 people responded and each rabbit was labeled both sexes. Thanks
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    Momma only had one surviving kit

    I have a netherland dwarf with only on surviving kit I have a Polish that has 3 kits one day older. Should I foster this one kit to the Polish?
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    Cream Holland lop

    I have the ability to get a cream Holland lop. I have 4 bucks a BEW, harlequin-black, broken black and blue tort. Would any of these work for her. I’m not just breeding for show I do some pets also. I’m not finding much information on cream. I know it’s in the wide-band color group but I have...
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    Best type of litter box

    Thank you so much I will look into it. We have 4 different rabbits, netherland dwarf, Holland lop, Polish and Lionheads. So they are all on the smaller size with my Holland lop being the biggest, none are full grown yet they oldest is bout 3.5 months so no one is full grown yet
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    Best type of litter box

    What type of litter box should I buy. I’ve never litter trained a rabbit but I want to try