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    Returning a rescue

    Expectations and comparisons are hard! It’s difficult to integrate another pet and it often takes time. Way more than you want. My most recent cat, Josie- I know, not a rabbit- took two years for her to warm up to us. We meaning two other cats, three dogs and one Marlow. Josie - Finally-...
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    Free Roaming Experiences

    Oh man! Don’t let them tell my dogs they have all these tasty treats around then!
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    Free Roaming Experiences

    My dogs don’t eat rabbit poop. Their poop sometimes, cat poop, but not rabbit poop. I even have put it outside as a fertilizer. Maybe the fact that the rabbit is a vegetarian makes his poop not smell like something they should eat? And Marlow does the occasional poop elsewhere but most of it is...
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    I’ve had Marlow about 7 months now. He’s always let me pet him but if he thought he’s about to be picked up he ran off and gave me the cold shoulder. Boy, there’s nothing like the cold shoulder from a rabbit! It’s not that I need to pick him up. I only wanted him to be comfortable with it if I...
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    I forgot to put water in his pen overnight...

    Before I could rescue Marlow, he was without water and food for maybe even several days in a row. At least two to three at a stretch for certain but the girl that used to take care of him was often gone longer. How he stayed alive I don’t know.
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    Will fire works scare my bunny?

    I’d been wondering about fireworks affecting Marlow too, but he didn’t seem to care about all those bangs and booms.
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    Give 'em some book suggestions!

    Thanks for reminding me about goodreads! I have the app but haven’t really used it! Will send you a friend request through there! I’ve been on a Terry Pratchet kick! Did I spell his name right? Love his hysterical metaphors.
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    I can’t get regular Revolution or Advantage here without a prescription. They only sell Advantage II over the counter- will that work?
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    Piano fun with the bun

    Since I’ve had to move the digital piano into my office, where Marlowe is, (my husband has to work from home so he’s in the room with the non electric piano), anyway- the bunny likes to run around my feet when I play. The faster I play, the faster he runs. It’s a bit distracting, albeit...
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    Grape leaves

    Can rabbits eat grape leaves? I’ve got vines in the yard and they’re growing like crazy. I keep thinking about making dolmas but that seems like a lot of work. All that folding. And if Marlow can eat them, that’s much easier. I just hand it to him.
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    When I tried the hat inside a toilet paper roll, Marlow always put the toilet paper roll in his water dish. Luckily he started to eat more hay, but only if it was in his litter box so I clean that and put fresh in a lot.
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    Well- now I feel really old- you young whippersnappers. I mean, I have grandkids. At least my bunny is youngish.
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    Share your bunnies!

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    Four Vet Visits-Help!

    I have seen this with my cat. When I saw this I asked the vet and she said this can happen to animals- that it looks like they’re about to get better but then they don’t. I forget what she called it but she said it’s normal. I’m sorry for your loss.