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    Lets show the REW a little love.

    not a problem to me! love every bunny no matter the colr or eye color :inlove:
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    Don't-like breeds?

    i like all rabbits but some more than others, i love the big breeds best. I do have to admit though some are cuter than others
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    i had that problem with my Willow and it turned out her mate Walter was over grooming her. the fur did eventually grow back though
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    Arthritis and dewlaps

    i refer to that extra skin back there as a Dust ruffle" my willow had that too. She was a large standard rex and also had a very larger dewlap. i liked it, thought it was cute:biggrin2:
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    Winter is here...

    as i stated before, a motor vehicle is NOT the only thing that produces carbon monoxide, please google it and you will find MANY common things kept in a garage produce carbon monoxide. i do think a detector is a good idea though. Please google carbon monoxide poisoning in animals and you will...
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    Winter is here...

    just a word of caution regarding putting your bun in the garage....i lost two bunnys within weeks of each other that i was keeping in the garag. there were three there and two died. we did not park ANY vehicles in there but...we had gas powered weed whips a power washer and other small engine...
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    Eating cat food?

    walter loves cat food, i catch him eating it all the time, i finally had to put a lid on it while he's in the house.
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    Fraggles is sick.

    is she moulting? maybe thats he problem
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    Jasper and Willow

    thank you everyone!! please visit the infirmary section to read what i figured out about their deaths, i would hate for what haappened to me happen to anyone else because they just didn't know (like me)
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    west nile

    christinebunnies1 wrote: i literally laughed out loud about moving Walter in and the boyfriend out!! some days that might be a plan lol. however, i have come to the conclusion that it was definately carbon monoxide, afer googling it the items listed that produce CO were definately...
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    Jasper and Willow

    what was so sad about when willow passed, she was in my arms and i was just holding her and her feet started moving like she was running/hopping, and i knew that was the moment she was crossing over the rainbow bridge :cry1: and my heart was broken. she quite breathing just moments after...
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    west nile

    thank you all so much for responding, my bunnies WERE house bunnies until we moved, they have just recently been in the garage for maybe the last month or so. We don't park in the garage or anything could there still be carbon monoxide? i never thought of that. there is nothing there for them...
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    west nile

    does anyone know if west nile disease affects rabbits? within the last two weeks i have lost two perfectly healthy rabbits for no apparent reason. we have recently moved from the city to the country where mosquitoes are HORRIBLE, and although i have my bunnys in the garage, there are still...
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    Jasper and Willow

    I haven't been on the forum much this summer, its been a very busy one. Lots of traveling and enjoying the season. However, in the last two and a half weeks i have lost two of my precious furbabies. First Jasper and two weeks later Willow. I have no idea what happened to them but i suspect...
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    Our bunny’s luxury condo (Picture-heavy!!)

    excellent job and some great ideas!