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  1. JovisMom

    Hurt hind leg…HELP!

    Wanted to update! Its been 3 full days and he is still not putting full weight on it, but he is now using it. He must be feeling better cause he has done a couple bunny flops. I think he will make a full recovery over the next week :)
  2. JovisMom

    Hurt hind leg…HELP!

    Thanks! It’s just so stressful not knowing what happened to fully assess the situation. Hoping he feels better in a few days :) thank you 😊
  3. JovisMom

    Hurt hind leg…HELP!

    First off, I did contact an emergency vet. They told me it was not an emergency and I should wait a few days. I AM A HIGE WORRY WART. Even with my not furry kids…LOL! Yesterday we had Bun Jovi in his cage for around 2 hours while we went to a birthday party. He normally free roams most of the...
  4. JovisMom

    Bun Jovi

    My name is Bun Jovi! My mommy is Jessica. I am a year and a half old LIONHEAD who enjoys cheek rubs and romaine lettuce. I am a free roaming bunny most of the time, with the exception of when I’m home alone becuase mom says I’m mischievous 😏