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    What on Earth is my bunny?!

    That’s interesting, and makes sense as a vet said she suspected he was mixed with a giant breed somewhere along the way. Thanks for your help! It doesn’t matter really I guess I just would love to have more info on his background and any inherent characteristics or ways I can cater to his...
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    What on Earth is my bunny?!

    Thank you! I agree and think his fur is too short for part lionhead - although it’s slightly on the longer side, it’s consistent all over (except the gorgeous super soft bits behind the ears)!
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    Post neuter question

    Edit - sorry - I posted about painkillers but have just seen he isn’t on any! Does he have any favourite treats? Our bun had a tough time after neutering and we were told that it doesn’t matter what he’s eating (obviously within reason), as long as he is eating and going to the toilet (this is...
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    What on Earth is my bunny?!

    I do love his helicopter ears! Although I did spend the initial week or so concerned that he had an ear infection :’)
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    What on Earth is my bunny?!

    Hi, We’ve had Oreo since he was 1 (we adopted him when his previous mummy got bored of him ), and he’s now coming up for 3. Having scoured the internet I cannot figure out what breed he is! He’s fairly big (around 3.5kg/8lb), his ears are mainly upright but he gets lazy and alternates which ear...
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