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    How long to be away from box & hay?

    So, now the problem with this is... He's up on the back of the couch and theres no way for me to put a litterbox with hay up there.. :\ Plus - wouldn't I then have to worry that he'd start peeing on the couch once he is able to go all over the place, as if he'd expect there to be a box on the...
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    How long to be away from box & hay?

    So... I got Jerry last tuesday, April 1st, and I love him so much already. My idea is to let him be a 'house bunny' whenever I'm home and around to supervise, but when I'm at work or sleeping he's either going to be a) in his cage or b) in a rabbit proofed room (that won't be for a little while...
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    Are you ready for a cuteness overload?

    Cute! I also find it pretty amazing that you're able to tell the type of mane the lionheads will have already! <3
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    A friend for Merlin?

    I'm excited for you and Merlin, and so sorry to hear about your loss. xoxo
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    Excess Cecals

    Yes, I know that, thank you so much for your advice, I guess I should've been a little more clear about it. I actually already have a bag of food that I was going to be switching him over to, BUT then the woman made me buy a huge bag of the food she feeds, so I figured I'd finish that off before...
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    Bunny Dating Tomorrow

    Aww, so glad to hear you found someone for your lonely bun. :) I can't wait to see photos & hear more about the new relationship! Wish you the best of luck!
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    Excess Cecals

    How convenient that this is a topic that was started today, because I am KIND OF having the same issue & would love some advice. In my introduction thread I posted about how I rehomed my two other bunnies due to stress and being very overwhelmed, and completely regretting my decision. So now...
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    I also have an instagram where I post pics of my babies, including my new bun Jerry.... its @the_furry_friends, feel free to follow me & pleeeease let me know who you are so I can look at your adorable buns, too.
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    Young male lop-lionhead mix CT

    Aww what a cutie! He has some nice colorings!