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    Sneezing with no discharge while on two antibiotics!

    We are 3 hours from L.A. or San Francisco so they list doesn’t help, unfortunately. There is one other exotic vet nearby and I plan to call her tomorrow. I was really hoping someone had a suggestion for something I can add to the nebulizer yo make him more comfortable until he can be seen by by...
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    Sneezing with no discharge while on two antibiotics!

    Rocky is currently on injectible penicilin and oral Azithromycin. He's on 5 weeks already and continues to sneeze. That said, the rumbling in his sinuses has subsided. He eats, plays and poops as usual but seems to be depressed. I'd guess that's from daily injections. He had been on bicillin...
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    Has anyone had this happen (white in eye)

    I imagine this has cleared up, but in case not or someone else is reading this - it's not a big deal. My vet explained that rabbits will sometimes get a bit of fur in their eye and this is the result. If you have a second rabbit, sometimes they will groom it away. When that doesn't happen, I...
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    I can't anymore

    It sound like you are looking for a dog and not a rabbit? Rabbits CAN be interactive and affectionate but they are generally not like dogs and cats in that regard. I agree that he would be alot happier with a bonded companion but if you are not happy with a single bunny, having two is not going...
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    Grassy mats

    Most pre-made toys are pretty expensive. I would love to know how to make those mats if you find instructions or invent your own. I have taken long sections of hay and braided thick ropes and rings and they seem to like those.
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    In Desperate need of help

    Oh, that’s great news!!
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    Who has rescue rabbits?

    Natasha is a rescue. She was 8 months old and spayed when we brought her home. I don’t know Rocky’s origin. To me he’s a “rescue” as he had belonged to a family with 2 little girls for three years before they got tired of him. When we got him, his nails were so long they actually curled out to...
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    Yummy treats

    Don’t forget berry cane and leaves are also an option. I give mine pieces I prune from My raspberry bushes.
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    Are these safe for buns to eat?

    I completely agree with this. So you go out an forage for their greens. What all are you getting for them? We are on 5 acres and I have a ton of grasses and weeds to choose from. I also have an organic garden with 12 raised beds and they get things from there: Brussels sprout leaves, cilantro...
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    Rabbit not taking medicine, help!!

    Rocky will eat critical care but he'd much rather eat it off of my finger than through a syringe. You might make it a little thicker and give that a try. If yours is a fan of banana or apples at all, you can doctor CC up by adding a little more of one of those to the mix to improve the taste...
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    Are these safe for buns to eat?

    I think about this all of the time. Everyone says a rabbit's diet should be 80% hay. I have a hard time believing that wild rabbits are out there eating dried up grass if green grass and leafy edibles are available to them. My vet (and he IS and exotics vet) says they need hay for their teeth...
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    In Desperate need of help

    We find that tummy massage can be really helpful too. This short video shows how it’s fine. Hopefully your bunny will Like it.
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    GI stasis

    I have some papaya tablets that my babies get here and there as it is supposed to help with digestion plus they love them! I get that it can be difficult to get a rabbit to eat hay once it's used to lots of other good...
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    Slippery floor

    She eats toilet paper roll toys but so far Isnt chewing the flooring. I actually think she prefers the cardboard to whatever treats I put inside!
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    do rabbits need pellets?

    Rabbits aren’t really supposed to eat a lot of pellets. I given them to mine as “treats” when playing so I doubt each gets more than 1/4 cup daily if that. Give your bunny greens. You can get them free by asking at the grocery store or farmers market. There are also lots of edible weeds and...