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    House Time

    I let Gretchen run around every night when I get home from work for a few hours. I block off other doors so I can watch her. She has "tasted" a bit of out furniture. So she has to be supervised. She is happy though and has a bunch of fun! I would love to have her out all the time. If I...
  2. Jenni

    Is anyone here going to the Seguin, TX show?

    Thanks for letting me know. I live in Bastrop. I might go and look around.
  3. Jenni

    has your rabbit

    Gretchen eats dog food. My dog, Beamer, also eats hay, rabbit, food and lettuce :disgust:
  4. Jenni

    How long does it take to litter train

    My bun did very well after a few days. And then she had some relapses...like peeing on the couch. After her spay she developed perfect litter habits over the course of a few months. She never pees or poos outside her cage or box.
  5. Jenni

    Gretchen's Garden

    :roflmao: Actually she is getting better. There were some momments Ithought that she should be confined to her cageforever. Although she has immaculate liter habbits, she waschewing up everything in sight. However now that she is reaching her first birthday, she seems to havecalmed down quite...
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    Warm temps make big ears?

    Gretchen was born in the winter and she has super long ears.
  7. Jenni

    Bunny smells like unwashed arm pit ?

    I don't think she's wild either. Shelooks just like Gretchen. Gretchen has the agouti coloringand looks just like the wild bunnies in Europe, but she is actually 1/2Dutch and 1/2 rex. American wild rabbits are smaller and a bit scruffy looking. She's looks way too refined to be wild.
  8. Jenni

    Bunny smells like unwashed arm pit ?

    These little wild bunnies seem happy andhealthy!! While, you shouldn't go and capture a wild bun as a pet, ifone has been nursed back to health and saved from certain suffering anddeath, and is happy and healthy, I can't see how anyone can disapprove. I rescued an adolescent bun from a cat's...
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    Gretchen's Garden

    This is what Gretchen does when she is in her playpen and she wants something: She can sit like that for the longest time. :disgust:
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    fruit and veg

    Veggies are great for bunnies!! Gretchen's dietconsists of veggies, a few fruit treats, and hay. She onlyget about 2 tablespoons of pellets a day. She is a healthybun as far as I can tell. I limit Gretchen's fruit snacks to one a day (a few pieces of apples ora piece of banana). I usually end...
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    Bunny smells like unwashed arm pit ?

    I had trouble with Gretchen smelling bad and I seem to have solved the problem. She is spayed. I changed her hay (she was eating alfalfa hay) to oat grass hay, andthen I scrub her litter tray real well and use a mild cleaner and thenrinse it with vinegar (I don't wash the vinegar out). Ibought...
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    Sick and S.A.D.

    This is a really hard time of year. Just remember, we are past the solstice, so things should get better soon. We are having yucky weather here in TX too. I have cabin fever so bad.:pullhair:
  13. Jenni

    How cold is cold?

    It's funny. It seems to depend onwhere you live. I grew up in Arizona, and when I was a kid, Ithough 60 was cold. Now that I live in TX, I picked 20.
  14. Jenni

    What are your rabbits doing?

    Gretchen is shaking the bars of her playpen.
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    Bunny Arts & Crafts No Live Bunnies Please!

    Here'sa bunny washcloth that I knit: Can you see the bunny? There's a whole bunch of knit bunnies here: Bunny-A-Long